Wedding Hair and Beauty Tips

There are a few things to consider if you re not hiring a professional who can advise you for your wedding day.


If you re very emotional, invest in a waterproof mascara to ensure you don t end up with panda eyes on your big day. It best to only use waterproof mascara when necessary because it can be very drying to the lashes and cause them to fall out over a period of time. For a softer approach choose a dark brown mascara and top up with black for the evening reception.

Fake Tan

If you want to fake your tan on your wedding day it best to have a trial run at least a month before so you know exactly how it will look. Once you re happy with the result book the appointment for 2 days before the wedding to give the colour a chance to develop and settle down. Be aware that fake tan does rub off so if your dress is pure white or pale ivory your arms may rub against it.

Hair Dye

Don t do a drastic colour change right before your wedding, this is best done at least 6 weeks before and then retouch the roots a week before your big day. If you have a vibrant colour in your hair make sure that all excess tint is rinsed away to ensure it doesn t come off on your dress or skin. Highlights should be done no more than 3 days before to give your hair a fresh look.


If you choose a hairstyle with wispy tendrils that come down to your jaw line, it might be best to avoid lipgloss on a windy day. Hair sticks to lipgloss like glue and you don t want to be pulling strands of your lips before the big kiss!


Always apply make up before you put on your wedding dress and thoroughly wash your hands to remove all traces. Don t use loose powders once you have put your dress on, the particles can drop down onto the dress and cause staining. If you don t have a dress that you can step into, apply your make up and then place a silky scarf loosely over your face to protect the dress.