Top Tips for Applying Fake Tan

There’s no need to sport the orange look when you have a fake tan these days! Here are some of my top tips to achieving a more natural look!

  1. Exfoliation is the most important part of the process. Give yourself a good all over body and facial scrub to remove any dead skin and leave you silky smooth. Puff balls won’t do the trick!!
  2. Use a body moisturiser on your under arms, knees, ankles, feet and hands. Let it soak in before you start the tan application.
  3. Have everything you need ready. Latex gloves, tanning lotion and a soft cloth to buff the skin. a flannel will work well for this.
  4. Put the gloves on then start with your legs and work your way up.
  5. Starting above the ankles smooth the lotion onto the skin in upward strokes to just below the knee. Use both hands one after the other. Use light feather strokes around the ankle and top of the foot and also on the knee cap.
  6. Add more lotion to the glove and work from above the knee up to the buttocks. Its your choice if you stop here or continue above the knicker line.
  7. Next do your stomach. You can blend the cream/lotion into the skin vertically or horizontally!
  8. Now do your arms. Work from the wrist bone up to the elbow. Bend the elbow and use feather strokes on that area to avoid product build up.
  9. Then work from elbow to shoulder and feather into the armpit. Blend across the shoulder onto the chest from either side of the body!
  10. Remove the gloves and wipe the back of your hands on your buttocks or backs of thighs to pick up a small amount of the colour. Leave the tan on for a minimum of 4 hours to develop and rinse off.

Now you’re ready to go out and glow!