The Secrets of Glowing Skin

How to get glowing skin and keep it looking gorgeous.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, drinking water keeps your skin and body hydrated. If you exercise you need to replace the water you ve lost during your workout. Caffeine acts like a diuretic so for every cup of tea or coffee you need to drink an equal amount of water to counteract the dehydration that caffeine causes.

Exfoliating your skin regularly with a gentle exfoliator removes the dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. Exfoliation also aids the penetration of your moisturiser, leaving your skin smooth and healthy looking. Avoid exfoliators with large granules as these can scratch the skins surface and cause sensitivity.

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays, check your makeup and skincare products for sun protection, a minimum SPF15 is recommended for the face and body all year round. If your skincare or make up don t contain a sunscreen then you will need to apply one underneath your foundation but over your moisturiser.

Go for a lighter coverage of make-up to give your skin a fresher look. Choose a tinted moisturiser or a liquid foundation, powder, stick or compact foundations give a heavy caked look and can give the skin a dull appearance.

Get into a bedtime routine of always removing your makeup before you retire to bed. Your skin renews itself whist you sleep so a freshly cleansed and moisturised face is great to wake up to.

Before you apply your makeup make sure your skin has been cleansed and moisturised. Make up will blend better on clean skin rather than skin that still has residue of old make up on it.

Choose a range of skincare products that are suitable for your skin type. You might think your friend skin looks great so ask what they use if their skin is similar to yours. If their skin is different the range they use may have different products for various skin types.

Get plenty of sleep, lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes and dark circles. If you find it hard to sleep then try to relax in a nice warm aromatherapy bath to get you completely relaxed before bedtime.

Lastly alcohol and smoking have a skin cell damaging and irreversible effect on the skin. Try to either cut down or give up all together. After all we all want to stay looking 10 years younger!