The 5 Minute Face

The 5 Minute face

I believe that every woman can do a 5 Minute Face! That is, a morning routine that requires very little effort and only 5 minutes. It quick, simple and easy to do.

To do your 5 Minute Face, you need to have the certain products. These make up products will get you started: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Cheek Colour (Blusher or Cheek Stain), Eye Shadows, Mascara and Lip colour (Lipgloss or Lipstick).

Look for make up palettes so that you condense your make up bag contents and make it more compact. It will also enable you to mix around the colours so you don t look the same all the time. Some make up can have dual usage, like using eye shadow for eye colour, eye liner and brow colour. Cheek stain can be used on lips too.

Get professional advice about which colours to use for your skin tone if you ve never used make up before.

A make up artist would use tools such as brushes and sponges to apply your make up so you should too! To achieve that flawless finish invest in good brushes and applicator sponges. Cotton buds, cotton discs and tissues are always useful too.

We all live such busy lifestyles, but we can all spare 5 minutes in the morning to get that hot look!

My 5 Minute Face

After I ve cleansed toned and moisturised I wait a few moments.

Apply foundation with a brush or latex sponge where it needed.

Cover blemishes and dark circles with concealer using a brush and blending with ring finger, especially under the eyes. I also apply it to eyelids as a base.

Set with a light dusting of powder and a large brush.

Sweep a neutral eyeshadow over eyelid with and angled brush. Also use a suitable colour to fill in patchy eyebrows using a flat brush, and use it as eyeliner too.

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Use a cream stain on lips and cheeks. Or apply your favourite lipstick or lipgloss with a dusting of blusher.

Pack it all into your make up bag and off you go. Ready to take on the world!!