Guest Blog – Lara Jade The Guest Blog Today is all about Lara Jade follow Tell me a bit about yourself? I’m Lara Jade – a fashion, portrait and advertising photographer currently living in England. I’ve been shooting for six years now (since the age of fourteen!) and I am privileged enough to be able to travel internationally as well as working in my homeland in something I love!

get link source site What inspired you to become a photographer? كارت فوركس

see url As a child I was ALWAYS inspired by everything around me – I took this vision into art, painting and drawing first. Then during my end of high school exams at school I discovered photography whilst researching artists. Immediately I fell in love and wanted to try it myself. You travel all over the world to photograph people, where your favourite place? At the moment NYC – I have been there three times this year. The last visit was for two months. Everything about it inspires me so much, I feel that my strongest body of editorial work came from there because every day I could go out and feel inspired by everything around me. عدد اسهم الانابيب السعودية follow What tips would you give to someone who wants to be a photographer? الجيش سلام ثنائي الخيار الفوركس

go to link Practice makes perfect – don’t give up. You need to keep shooting to get a style, to improve, to learn. I am constantly working, for free or paid jobs to keep improving my style and knowledge.

سعر السهم بنك الاهلي see url What in your make up bag? Rimmel, Max Factor, Boots own brand and a beautiful lipstick I bought from make up forever in NYC.

go here What your skincare routine?

As I’m always working, especially at night – I make sure my make up comes off (with make up wipes) first – sometimes this is the only thing I use if I’m in a rush. But usually I use toner to remove all make-up and follow up with a moisturiser before I go to sleep! I tend to use the SIMPLE range.

see What one beauty product couldn t you live without?

My Rimmel black eyeliner

go site Who do you most admire for their style and beauty and why? see

People that go out of their way to be original and to be noticed – I like unique fashion and style. People I admire – Rachel Zoe, Taylor Momsen, Mary Kate Olsen…