Don’t be a Hairy Christmas Fairy!

source Last night I decided that I would give my eyebrows a home wax with some strips from Parissa. While I was at it I thought I’d get my upper lip done as well. That’s not saying I have a moustache but there is a shadow there sometimes and I prefer the smooth faced look. Below is a picture of everything that’s included in the kit.

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go here These strips are fool proof. The packet contains an instruction sheet with step by step photos as well as text. I would use them on small areas but they could be a bit tricky for larger areas. You have to really warm them up between your hands and use the strip quickly before the wax gets cold. I used one strip for my eyebrows and one strip for my upper lip. They are double sided so are very economical.

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كيف تصنع الكثير من المال This is a great product for quick touch ups in between salon treatments. Eyebrows frame your face so make sure your’s look great with the Christmas Party season coming up!


كيف يعمل تداول العملات الأجنبية Here’s the result. I’m really pleased with it! All the little hairs gone.

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follow url بيع الأسهم The thing I like most about this brand is that they are an ethical brand and all the products are natural.

كيف يمكنك ربح المال على الإنترنت للمراهقين سهم سعودي اخبار الاسهم السعودية All Parissa ingredients are food grade ingredients that are sourced and produced in North America and the EU. Both markets are under strict regulatory regimes for food ingredients. Parissa refrain from using GMO’s, synthetic or chemical preservatives or parabens in their formulations. In fact, the products are so natural you could eat them! (although this is not recommended, they are not the most delectable of treats!) استراتيجيات الفوركس Parissa Æ products are available at Sainsbury , Superdrug & Boots