Arabelle Skin Sense – Invigorate Body Oil

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I’ve been trying this new body oil by Arabelle Skin Sense over the last couple of weeks and i love it. Not only is my skin super soft but it smells fresh and invigorating too. The fragrance is fresh and light as well so it’s not over powering like some body oils. the main scent is the sweet orange essential oil. The normal retail price for this is £18.50 for 200ml.

They do a whole range of products so check out the website to see them all. Reader Offer Arabelle Skin Sense has been kind enough to set-up a reader offer code – for ثنائي خيار التداول إشارة فرانكو 25% off.  To get the discount enter the code bbeauty25 at checkout. This offer is valid until 30th November 2013 so hurry to get your now! 

Get yours here 

برامج تحليل الاسهم السعودية Joyce xx

Nicara Luxury Spa Body Scrub

Body scrubs and lotions

I’m a great believer in exfoliation and I love natural smelling products too. So when i was sent a sample of Nicara Spa Body Scrub I couldn’t wait to try it. Not only does it smell gorgeous but it’s packed with essential oils* and no artificial fragrance in sight. I used it straight from the container and then showered it off, the result is silky smooth gorgeous skin. You don’t need a lot of product because a little goes a long way! (

Natural Body Scrub


source site £26.40 – 200ml


Body exfoliation

I’ve also been using the scrub as a hand scrub for silky soft hands pre manicure. They are so soft all the time 🙂

There are other products in the range too! Great to be able to do a spa at home treatment. For more details visit the website here

الخيار ثنائي استراتيجية ناجحة *Contains Nut Oils

Joyce xx


Summer Make Up For Darker Skins

Last year I found a brand of make up that I had never tired before and having darker skin myself I find the high street brands are too ashy once applied onto darker skin. I tried the French brand Make Up Atelier Paris and was extremely happy with the results! They have a foundation shade for every skin tone and it blends really easily on the skin, plus no ashy after effect. The great thing is its now available in the UK too. I use this make up personally and professionally!


I did this make over using only Make Up Atelier products

Make up in berkshire


No make up

Make Up Atelier Paris

Make up for darker skin

Dark skin make up using make up atelier paris

go here Products used 

  • T-Zone gel
  • Foundation – TN2 and TN3 (TN5 for contour)
  • Concealor – PN2
  • Powder Compact – CPM
  • Brows pencil – 07 ( Dark Brown) and 10 (Black)
  • Eyeliner pencil – 10
  • Brow Bone pencil – 09
  • Lips Pencil – 01
  • Lipstick – Petal
  • Eyes – Palette T23
  • Busher – AIRM1 (Mandarin)

All products are available to buy from Make Up Atelier Paris in the UK

Today’s Post is all About Margarita Bloom


استرداد نقود الفوركس Tell me a bit about yourself and your business?

My name is Regina which in Latin means “Queen” *wink wink* I’m the beauty and brains behind Margarita Bloom. I’m just a girl who loves beautiful things, glamour and life’s little luxuries!!! To put it simply, here’s me….I love Paris. I love fashion. I love luxury. I love Pinups. I love glamour. I love poetry. Shakespeare & Poe. I love sunshine and pretty flowers, sparkling water, cute furry puppies and kitties. I love Mother Nature. I love rockin tunes like “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele to Goldfrapp, Marilyn Monroe “I wanna be loved by you” and Etta James’s “At Last”. I love the BEACH!, sun, sand between my toes and refreshing breezes from the ocean. I adore Marilyn Monroe and anything from Old Hollywood. Sigh…I love chocolate and thoroughly enjoy experiencing new foods and drinks. Pictures and words inspire me and I in turn LOVE to inspire people.

I’ve taken all that and entwined it into my Beauty Company, “Margarita Bloom” to create Retro inspired bath & skincare goodies. Our company is light hearted and totally fun while having super fabulous skincare items to pamper yourself with which I think is a necessary luxury in anybody’s life. Sometimes when life gets stressful we need to have some downtime; some time to have fun, laugh, be light-hearted, and just be happy! Our products were made to have darling names like our “Lulu and the Volleyball Instructor” Coconut Lemongrass Scrub to our “Tea and Crumpets” Cream cheese Frosting Body Balm so when you read them….you smile! They have amazing scents so when you sniff them, you go ahhhh…and smile and when you use them…well by that time the bathroom door has closed and BLISS has arrived. lol… One of my favorite parts of my business is getting to know my peeps, getting their feedback on our products, what did they like, didn’t like, their opinions on packaging and types of goodies they’d like to see at Margarita Bloom. I really want to get their input to continue having wonderful products they’ll love for a lifetime. Website:

click here Twitter:

الألمانية ثنائي الخيار الروبوت Where are you based? We’re based in the USA. Though we do not have a physical boutique we are an online boutique found at and we can ship to many locations outside of the USA.

source link When did you establish your business? Margarita Bloom came to life around 2006.

go to site Why did you decide to start this business? I always knew I wanted to have my own business even when I was little. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do because I needed to be passionate about it. I needed to LOVE it so I could give 200% and more to it. When you’re passionate about something you love doing, success is sure to follow. When I discovered this amazing world of beauty I was hooked and I’ve never lost interest in it. Every day is an adventure with meeting new customers, creating new products, sniffing new scents and more.

اخبار السعودية مباشر What’s your unique selling point? We’re retro, doll! Va va Voom Vintage, Glamorous and Gorgeous and of course everything is made fresh at the time we receive an order, only the best for our peeps!

go here What’s you best selling product? It’s funny because our customers always say, “I want everything!” lol…so everything! *wink wink* Some of our best selling goodies to give you some ideas would be our Cupcake Love Soaps, Bramble Briar & Rose Luxe Milk Soak, Antoinette’s Rose Garden Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Soaks, I Smell Delicious Roll on Parfume Oils and so much more.

follow site Who’s your target market? Anyone and everyone who wants to be pampered and smell sweet.

استراتيجية ثنائية الخيار لك أنبوب Why do you think more people are buying natural products? I think from the beginning of time people have been enraptured with using plants and other materials from Mother Nature to beautify themselves. Look at Cleopatra…she adored baths in milk, honey and rose petals, and used Jojoba Oil on her face for her complexion. She even travelled to the Dead Seas to use the minerals and muds located there. The idea of using plants and oils from nature & refining it into a usable item that you can add to lotions, potions and scrubs and so on I think is timeless and has never changed and will always be there.

see url Can your products be used on any age customer? Yes, they can. Of course, always use supervision with children. You don’t want them taking a bite for example of our Cute Cupcake Soaps….they may look tasty but they sure don’t taste tasty! lol..

Do you ship your products worldwide? But of course! If our shopping cart isn’t setup for a particular location, feel free to email us and ask if we can ship to your country. We’re always looking to expand and beautify more peeps!

I just wanted to say thank you Joyce for this wonderful interview! I’m so glad I was able to meet you through my company! You’re a true Margarita Bloom gal! xoxo

Here are all the lovely soaps I bought. Delicious all of them… I had the whole Geisha Glamarama range. click here to get yours!

Visit Margarita Bloom for fun retro soaps and pampering products! Treat yourself or someone else.


MADARA Flower Dust Lotion

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful Organic range of products. In particular the Flower Dust lotion. This product is so lush it goes on really well and feels silky afterwards. The Flower Dust adds a subtle sheen of glow to any skin tone. I have been trialling this product out on my brides and they all love it. It adds a bit of shimmer to the skin without the yellowness that other products I’ve used in the past give.

I recommend this product for all skin tones and anyone that wants a bit of light shimmer for their wedding day or a night out!

Madara Flower Dust Body Lotion RRP £22.00

M√É ÅDARA decocare organic flower dust shimmering moisturising body lotion gives your skin a beautiful shimmery look, the nourishing formula of M√É ÅDARA decocare organic flower dust shimmering moisturising body lotion leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

A very subtle golden glow with sparkles

Click here to find stockists

Today’s post is all about Niki McGlynn

Tell me a bit about yourself and your business?

I trained as a homeopath after using homeopathy when I was pregnant with my daughter and suffering crippling morning sickness. I had taken everything my doctor had to offer and still ended up in hospital on a drip. My health visitor recommended a local homeopath, I had used it before with my son when he had dreadful eczema, so I was prepared to give it a go. I decided to add reflexology later as the two treatments work well together. Once qualified I was a bit shocked at the lack of products available for use in treatments. Most products contain petroleum and everything smells of peppermint! I wanted something natural which would help with various skin issues and smell better. I used my knowledge and experience as a homeopath in order to develop my range of Balms. They are all naturally anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial plus the oils they contain are really effective at moisturising and helping cracked or damaged skin to heal. They work amazingly well on cracked heels but my customers will often email me with other skin problems that they have used them for. For example Original Balm seems great for insect bites, fungal nail infections and cold sores and the Lavender & Chamomile seems really effective for burns and eczema.

Baby Bottom Balm is great for nappy rash and is also good for children eczema as it is a bit milder. Some of my customers also use Lavender & Chamomile Balm as a cleanser/moisturiser on their faces.

Balms can be ordered from my website I am also on twitter @nikimcglynn or @nikisbalms where I am always happy to answer questions

Where are you based in the UK?

I am based in Wokingham, in Berkshire

When did you establish your business?

2 years ago

Why did you decide to start this business?

I wanted a natural product which would help my clients and would smell good!

What your unique selling point?

There is nothing quite like my balm on the market, apart for the fact it smells amazing, it is organic and made in small batches in order to maintain the quality yet it remains very reasonably priced.

What you best selling product?

My Original Organic Reflexology Balm is still my best selling product, closely followed by Original Organic Balm as other reflexologist clients buy it to use themselves as it is so lovely.

Who your target market?

Reflexologists primarily, and then people who are interested in using natural products on their skin.

Why do you think more people are buying natural products?

I think that people are becoming aware of the benefits of more natural products, and that they minimise the impact on the environment as well as providing safe and effective care for themselves and their families. They work well and are so much better than using petro-chemicals.

Can your products be used on any age customer?

Absolutely! I offer a Baby Bottom Balm which is mild and softer, perfect for babies and people with more sensitive skin and Original Organic Balm and Lavender & Chamomile Organic Balm are rich without being heavy or greasy and have excellent moisturising effects. I am currently developing a Warming Balm, which should help improve circulation for people with cold hands and feet.

For more information contact Niki here

Make Up Brushes from EcoTOOLS

Get Gorgeous, Go Green, Give back

Whether shopping for some guilt-free beauty brushes or a little self-satisfaction, the 5 Piece Brush Set comes in a beautiful cotton and hemp cosmetic-brush roll and includes all the handbag essentials.

5 brushes in a natural cotton and hemp pouch RRP £15.00

Blush Brush – The hairs of this blush brush are gorgeously soft against the skin and are tapered for easy contouring of the cheekbones

Eye Shading Brush, The bristles on the eye shading brush are shaped to ensure a smooth and even finish upon application

Eyeliner Brush, This ultra flat brush has been designed to create a flawlessly clean line around the eyelashes

Lash and Brow Groomer, The double headed groomer has bristles for enhancing eyebrow shape and a comb to separate lashes for a perfect flutter

Concealer Brush, This is ideal for concealing dark under-eye circles and any slight imperfections.

These brushes aren’t scratchy like some brushes i’ve had in this price range before. They are good value for money and I like the pouch idea that I can use them in my handbag and wash the pouch as and when without messing up my whole make up bag! The pouch rolls up quite small so there’s no need to worry about it in your handbag!

The handles are made of bamboo with synthetic taklon bristles which are 100% cruelty free.

For those of you that a green or vegan. EcoTools have joined up with 1% for the planet and are donating 1% of their annual sales to Earthshare and Wildlife Alliance.

EcoTools brush sets and individual brushes are available from Boots and Tesco stores nationwide

Benefits of Using a Professional Make Up Artist

Have you thought about why you should use a professional make up artist for your wedding day?

  • A professional will give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You will be given advice on what colours will work best with your skin tone and your colour scheme.
  • The make up artist will apply make up that will need little or no retouching throughout the day.
  • Your make up will be suitable for photographic purposes.
  • You will look like an enhanced version of yourself, not someone else.
  • The make up artist will listen to what you want and apply the make up accordingly.
  • Professional make up application isn’t the same as your everday make up.
  • The make up artist can make your whole bridal party’s look fit together.
  • You’ll be more relaxed with someone else doing your make up on the wedding day!

Natural Skincare Products by myroo skincare

Tell me a bit about yourself and your business?

Hi, I m Rachael Dunseath and I am the Owner of myroo skincare.

Twitter: @myrooskincare and Website:

myroo is dedicated to hand-creating natural skincare that is desirable but ethical.

I use only the best natural ingredients and my products contain no sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate, no parabens, phthalates or silicones, no petrochemicals, no palm oil and no artificial fragrances or colours. I only use synthetic ingredients where they are unavoidable, for example to preserve.

My shea butter & nilotica butters are organic and fairly traded. All my packaging is recyclable. I don t test my products on animals and nor are any of the raw ingredients tested on them either. The entire range is handmade by me in small batches in my tiny workshop.

Where are you based in the UK?

I am based in beautiful Harrogate, North Yorkshire

When did you establish your business?

I launched my business less than a year ago.

Why did you decide to start this business?

I have always wanted to run a business that made the most of my creative side and my business and marketing background. myroo came about when double redundancies in our house set me looking for homemade gift ideas. A few experiments later and some fantastic feedback from my testers and an idea was born. Things have moved so fast, the products are more sophisticated but the basic idea remains the same.

What your unique selling point?

The handmade element gives me an edge over other natural skincare companies. I spend a lot of time sourcing beautiful ingredients for all my products, the finest essential oils, cold pressed oils and organic butters. I want to respect the ingredients and treat them as gently as possible, so it seems obvious to me that using a minimum of heat and a minimum of machinery is the best way to treat these raw materials. I also make my products regularly and in small batches to ensure freshness. I firmly believe that this helps maintain the wonderful, skin-kind vitamins, minerals, antioxidants naturally present in these beautiful, natural ingredients.

What your best selling product?

My geranium handcream has been my best seller since it launched a few months ago. It often sells out at fairs. It is a really intensive product, it contains no water, so a little goes a very long way. It is packed with wonderful skin-loving ingredients and no nasties. You can use it as a daily hand cream or apply a little extra for an overnight rescue treatment.

Who your target market?

My customers tend to be female and age 30-55. I m aiming at women who have an interest in natural skincare and eco-brands but don t want to compromise on their luxurious skincare products. I hope to develop a range targeted at men in the near future.

Why do you think more people are buying natural products?

I think the organic food trend led the way for an interest in skincare without artificial additives. People are increasingly interested in eco matters and natural skincare is better for the planet too. I also think the recession has caused people to re-assess their lifestyles and companies with an ethical stance are benefitting from this. In my opinion, I also think natural products can compete with their synthetic counterparts on an equal footing, I personally find many synthetic fragrances overpowering and love the fragrance essential oils give to my products, plus an additional skin benefit. My customers seem to agree.

Can your products be used on any age customer?

Myroo products are suitable for anyone age 3+ including pregnant ladies. I offer a baby range under my Milly & Flossy brand, which is suitable from birth. @millyflossy