What Are Your Favourite Products – Survey Results

I asked my followers on Twitter to tell me about their favourite beauty, skincare or nail products. The survey is the result of 39 tweeters answers. Thank you to everyone that took part.

Here are the results.√Ø ª ø√Ø ª ø

And the rest with 2 votes or less!

Benefits of Using a Professional Make Up Artist

http://investingtips360.com/?klaystrofobiya=%D8%AA%D8%AF%D8%A7%D9%88%D9%84-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%B3%D9%87%D9%85-%D9%85%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D8%AA&daa=d8 تداول الاسهم من النت Have you thought about why you should use a professional make up artist for your wedding day?

  • A professional will give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You will be given advice on what colours will work best with your skin tone and your colour scheme.
  • The make up artist will apply make up that will need little or no retouching throughout the day.
  • Your make up will be suitable for photographic purposes.
  • You will look like an enhanced version of yourself, not someone else.
  • The make up artist will listen to what you want and apply the make up accordingly.
  • Professional make up application isn’t the same as your everday make up.
  • The make up artist can make your whole bridal party’s look fit together.
  • You’ll be more relaxed with someone else doing your make up on the wedding day!


Guest Blog – Joanne Beckham

enter The Guest Blog today is all about Joanne Beckham

الخيارات الثنائية كندا القانونية

see url Tell me a bit about yourself?

My names Joanne Beckham, I m 28 years old. I work as a senior stylist in Hob salons in Loughton. I love shopping, getting pampered and having fun. My aim one day would be to own my own hair and beauty salon.

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات التجارة What in your make up bag?

I have a fascination for make up by MAC which is great for all types of skin, I love all kinds of eye shadows, at the moment I am using a NARS black eyeshadow called ‘Night Breed which is great for smokey eyes I love MAC eyeshadows too, they are ‘to die for , I m using ‘satin taupe and ‘all that glitters . I also use MAC refined golden bronzer which adds a sun kissed look to your skin. Also in my make up bag I have Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, it a great two in one product.

الفوركس ثنائي الخيار سبيل المثال What your skincare routine?

I always use Nivea face wipes as they are quick and easy to use, occasionally I get spots so if and when I do I use clean and clear face wash and a little bit of Sudocream for fresh breakouts. I always use Darphin Hydraskin light moisturizing gel which is not too heavy

http://parts.powercut.co.uk/?risep=%D9%8A%D9%86%D8%B8%D9%85-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AE%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AB%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%A6%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D9%88%D8%B3%D8%B7%D8%A7%D8%A1-%D9%83%D9%86%D8%AF%D8%A7&e66=a3 What one beauty product couldn t you live without?

My Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss in number 11 – ‘Golden Whisper’ – it adds a touch of instant glam

http://www.dramauk.co.uk/?arapyza=%D8%B3%D8%B9%D8%B1-%D8%AC%D9%86%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B0%D9%87%D8%A8-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B3%D8%B9%D9%88%D8%AF%D9%8A&c9b=22 Who do you most admire for their style and beauty and why?

I admire حسابات الفوركس التجريبية Beyonce for her style, she just beautiful with a great eye for fashion … She unique … I also admire get link Halle Berry because she so natural and pure and not to forget تداول اسهم شركة الاقتصاد Megan Fox she just beautiful and has a real edge about her.

Make Up Trends for A/W 2010

get link Make Up Trends for Autumn and Winter 2010.

Make Up trends are definitely towards the minimalist look this Autumn. Use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser to create the ‘barely there look for your skin and highlight cheekbones with earthy tones. Choose to accentuate either your eyes or your lips, but not both.

Although skin tones may be understated the face still needs some colour. Red lips are always in vogue and strong plum, purple and berry lip shades are trending this Autumn. Outline the lips with a lip pencil or brush and, depending on your chosen look, go for the dewy look with lots of lip gloss or tone lips down by blotting with a tissue.

Eyebrows will be in focus this Autumn/Winter. For that special aura of sophistication your eyebrows should be strong and well shaped, preferably by a professional beautician. Colours for the eyes this Autumn/Winter will be purple, plums and winter browns. Smokey eyes are still big so look out for new burnt orange, golds and strong purple colours to enhance this effect.

Eyeshadow duos and quads will be on all the best make up counters. Both MAC and NARS have an absolutely great range of colours. It vitally important to think through your whole look before making the final choice on eye colours, so make plenty of comparisons before you buy.

follow link Top Tips

  • If your lips are bold, softly define your eyes with muted colours, apply eyeliner thinly and use mascara sparingly.
  • The minimalist look calls for well conditioned skin. Care for yours by taking regular facials, either from a professional beauty therapist or by learning how to do an effective DIY version at home.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and make it a general rule to use a sunscreen with a minimum factor of SPF15 daily.
  • Take specialist advice on the right moisturiser for your skin type and establish a thorough makeup cleansing and toning routine before sleeping.
  • Brighten your natural looking skin with a dusting of luminous pressed power to create a warm and radiant glow through the colder months.
  • If you are choosing a light foundation to achieve the minimalist look test it on your jaw line, not the back of your hand, to find the correct shade for you.

Guest Blog – Antonica Simone

The Guest Blog today is all about Antonica Simone

ماهي ارباح الاسهم السعودية Tell me a bit about yourself? طرق لكسب اموال سريعة

I manage a digital strategic agency called Made By Many. We create businesses, online communities and social-networking services that are delivered through the internet and mobile. Our work includes creating and managing the campaigns and applications that run on these platforms.

We build whole online businesses, services and platforms from the ground up, and we launch new products and services for new or existing businesses.

I am also in the process of developing my very own media/production company which will be launched in the future and I love to sing. “Laaaaaaaaaaa”

Twitter @Madebymany

Twitter @AntonicaT

BlogSpot @Antonicasworld

see What in your make up bag? سعر جرام الذهب فى السعودية

Everything I have in my bathroom apart from the toilet.

Seriously my products change dependent on the time of year and my location. At this moment, what I see as my best friend is:

Clinique Quick Liner for lips

Mac Bronze Shimmer Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Noir nail Varnish

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Iman face Bronzer

http://investingtips360.com/?klaystrofobiya=%D8%AC%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%84-%D8%A7%D8%B3%D8%B9%D8%A7%D8%B1-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B0%D9%87%D8%A8-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B3%D8%B9%D9%88%D8%AF%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%AE%D9%84%D8%A7%D9%84-%D8%B4%D9%87%D8%B1&785=08 What your skincare routine?

Skincare routine – For make up removal I use Simple facial wipes. I wish I could use Johnson baby wipes, as they really do leave your face feeling as soft as a babies’ bottom. However the result for me is waking up with a face producing enough oil to fry chips.

What one beauty product couldn t you live without?

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This product is FIERCE. Everything is smoothed out before you apply your make up.

Who do you most admire for their style and beauty and why?

There are too many style icons to list as I am a sucker for glamour, fabulosity and edgy fashion. However, my own style mixes between Hollywood Glamour and British Rock Chick Fashion.

Guest Blog – Amie Buck

The Guest Blog today is all about Amie Buck

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a singer and a model. I did MAC cosmetics modelling campaigns in 2006 and 2007 and was on the X Factor in 2009 I got through to the final 24 females and sang on stage with Cheryl Cole. I’m now in a 4 member ‘girl group’ and hope to be signed very soon.

Twitter: @MMAmieBuck

What in your make up bag?

I have a Gucci washbag as my main make up bag and a smaller one for everyday.

MAC Eyesahdows – love the ‘Smokin Eyes Quad’

Dior Blackout waterproof mascara

Chanel Lumiere Foundation

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Bronze

Lancome Juicy Tubes – Any

MAC Black Charcoal Eye Pencil

MAC White Eye Pencil

Rimmel Liquid eyeliner

MAC black pencil for brows

MAC concealor compact NW25

MAC Studio Fix Moisture Fix

What your skincare routine?

Baby wipes/skin wipes, E45, MAC Studio Fix Moisture Fix

What one beauty product couldn t you live without?

Can I name 2? MAC Studio Fix Moisture Fix and Dior Blackout mascara.

Who do you most admire for their style and beauty and why?

Jessica Alba because she is very natural and her style is subtle but very stylish and she always gets 10/10 in magazines style watches.