Top 10 Beauty and Skincare Products for Winter skin

Bridal beauty winter skincare

Every winter my skin struggles with the different changes in temperature, central heating and the cold winds wreak havoc on my skin’s moisture balance. I try to keep it as hydrated as possible and because having great skin is one of my top priorities i try lots of different things to get the best skincare products in my opinion that do work!

If your getting married in summer this year you should start pampering your skin now. Bridal make up lasts longer on hydrated and nourished skins. When your skin is too dry and flaky make up will just soak straight into it.

Brides to Be should treat their skin to a monthly masque and a daily hydrating skin treatment during the winter months.

My top 10 Must Haves for winter skincare routines


Skin brightening

Dermalogica daily microfoliant


Skin nourishing masque

Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque

Hydrating mist water spray for skin

Avene thermal water

Bridal Beauty eye cream

StriVectin SD eye cream

Skincare serum

Dermaquest Essential b5 hydrating serum

Skin repair cream and primer for dry skin

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Overnight skin serum

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial

Lip treatment for brides

Dr Paw Paw

Effective dry skin treatment

Weleda Dry Skin Food

Nourishing body cream

Laura Mercier Crème Brulee  Soufflé Body Crème

Here are all the stores that i use to purchase my products!

*** I use all of these brands for personal and professional use. I am not affiliated to any of these companies and i have purchased all products myself *** Thanks for Reading 

Joyce xx

Glo Minerals Make Up

Glo minerals  is a make up brand that’s free of talc, parabens, fragrance and dyes. It is packed with vitamins and available online in the UK.

I trialed 3 of their products and quite liked them.

lip plumper felt slightly tingly on my lips as most lip plumpers do. It’s a pale pink colour and looks sheer on the lips.

Glo minerals lip plumper



Infused with spheres of Marine Collagen Atelocollgen and exclusive antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract. This is a plumper that you can feel the stimulating effect working immediately. For those who want less of a sensation, apply a light layer of Lip Ritual prior to applying Lip Plumper.

These work by plumping lips by trapping water and swelling, thus providing volume to the skin’s structures.

Sheer tint base is similar to a tinted moisturiser. It gives a light to medium coverage. The colour i was given isn’t my skin tone so i only swatched it on my hand and not my face but i could tell from the texture that it felt nice and the coverage looked light, it’s a buildable product so adding more would give a more medium coverage.

Glo minerals make up


Talc-free formulation is non-comedogenic and provides broadspectrum UV protection and antioxidant benefits. The formulation not only covers and corrects, but also protects the skin, keeping it radiant and healthy.

GloTint for cheeks and lips is a sheer gloss that acts like a stain. You can amplify the colour by adding colour over the top of the gloss. I tried this on both lips and cheeks and like it but a word of warning, use a brush for application because it stained my fingertip for a little while because it’s so highly pigmented! It washed off though.

Glo minerals lip and cheek tint


This gel is formulated with natural, high-pigment minerals to deliver flattering, fashionable rosy color

All in all I think for the price this make up is good. For more details visit their website here 

Joyce xx


Lipcote Celebrates 50 Years

الفوركس في قبرص Lipcote – The original Lipstick Sealer 

When I was young I used to use Lipcote and it was a bit stingy so I reserved it for special occasions.

How pleasantly surprised was I to find that not only doesn’t it not sting anymore but it still makes your lip colour stay on really well. I put it to the test with a dark lip colour.  I absolutely love it and it’s a great addition to anyone’s make up bag, Brides included. If you like to wear lipcolour on holiday too this is great because Lipcote  waterproofs the lipcolour!

They even have lovely new packaging:

Bridal make up lipcote

“Celebrating 50 years in beauty as lipstick’s best friend, Lipcote’s very own anniversary makeover reflects the zeitgeist of contemporary feminism, courtesy of a delicate yet brash new logo and packaging in collaboration with top illustrator, Dora, whose distinctive work is aptly inspired by 1950’s burlesque, Japanese print and age-old femininity.”

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات التجارة How to Apply:

Put on one coat of lipstick, blot with a tissue and add a 2nd coat of lipstick. Apply one thin coat of Lipcote.

I put Lipcote on first thing in the morning and 6 hours later it was still on even after eating and drinking all day.

Lipcote is available to buy online for £3.99 here

enter site  Joyce xx

The True Cost of Bridal make Up

When I meet a bride for the 1st time I do a consultation. Asking here about her skincare, how much make up she normally wears on a day to day basis and what she would like to achieve for her wedding day make up! Then a trial bridal make up is done with the wedding hair style at the same time if possible. Once the bride to be is happy with her look. This is what i will use for her wedding day.

I decided to write this post so that brides can see a breakdown of what I use to create their bridal make up. Here is a photo of a bridal model and below the image I have listed everything I used to create the look.

Make Up Artist in Reading Berkshire

The prices are based on middle to  high end high street brands. The same longevity of make up colour would not be achieved by the lower end brands. The brands i would use are professional brands and I use them because of the high pigment colour in them and they stay on the skin longer so the bride won’t need her make up touched up for at least 12 hours (apart from the lipstick).


Cleanser – £20.00

Toner – £25.00

Moisturiser – £30.00

Make Up

Primer – £30.00

Foundation x 2 £30.00 each

Concealor – £14.50

Powder – £20.00

Contour Powder – £20.00

Blusher – £15.00

Eyeshadows x 3 £30.00

Eyeliner Pencil – £10.00

Eyeliner gel – £16.00

Brow Pencil – £10.00

Mascara – £15.00

Strip lashes – £8.00

Lip Balm – £6.00

Lip Pencil – £10.00

Lipstick – £15.00

Lip gloss – £15.00

Make up setting spray – £17.00


Foundation brush – £25.00

Concealor brush – £15.00

Powder brush – £25.00

Contour/blusher brush – £18.00

Brow Brush – £12.00

Eyeshadow brush – £15.00

Eyeshadow Blending brush – £15.00

Lip Brush – £15.00


Tissues – £2.00

Cosmetic Cotton buds – £1.00

Mascara wands – £1.00

If someone has skin issues they made need more products. Hydration for dry skin. Blemish cover for breakouts or high colour on skin. These products used are for a blemish free skin and its the minimum i would use for a bridal make up.

Thanks for reading this! Joyce xx

New Make Up to be launched from Illamasqua

I know I keep ranting on about Illamasqua but I truly haven’t been in love with a make up as much as this before now! I had the honour of being one of the 1st people to try out one of the new foundations being launched very soon.

I wore this foundation for the best part of 6 hours and did not feel it on my skin I had comments about how flawless it looked on me too! The thing was I had to tell people that I was wearing it because they couldn’t see it on my skin. That is what I call a perfect foundation:

  1. You can’t see it
  2. It feels like skin
  3. It has all over flawless coverage
  4. It can be applied in different ways e.g. Brush, fingers, sponge. It comes in 18 shades to suit all skin tones.

Skin base launches this summer!!

A Teenagers Viewpoint Of Budget Make Up

الخيارات الثنائية اختبار استراتيجية A Teenagers Viewpoint Of Budget Make Up

الخيارات الثنائية الحقيقي التداول أو احتيال Lipgloss: Lip Juice

What does the product feel like on?

This lipgloss feels quite heavy and sticky on the lips.

Light Pink

Does it have a fragrance?
These lip glosses do not have a noticeable fragrance.


Does the lipgloss come off when you drink?
Quite a lot of the lipgloss came off when I had a drink.

Is the lipgloss sticky?

The lipgloss felt really sticky.


Lipgloss: Accessorize

What does the product feel like on?

The lipgloss feels quite thick on the lips.


Does it have a fragrance?

They smell quite sweet, like vanilla.


Is the lipgloss sticky?

The lipgloss feels sticky at first, but after it has been on the lips does not feel so sticky.


Does the lipgloss come off when you drink?

A little bit of the lipgloss came off when I had a drink but I did not have to reapply.


Lipgloss: MUA

What does the product feel like on?

The lipgloss feels quite smooth.

MUA shade 5

Does it have a fragrance?

The lip glosses do not have a noticeable fragrance.

MUA Shade 3

Is the lipgloss sticky?

The lip glosses are not sticky.

MUA Shade 14

Does the lipgloss come off when you drink?

After having a drink a little bit of the lipgloss came off, but no so much that I needed to reapply.


Eyeshadow: MUA

I applied the MUA (shade 11, Pearl) eyeshadow in the morning before college, and it lasted all day.

Pearl Shade 11

Pearl Shade 11

I did not have to apply a lot of eyeshadow to get the true palette colour, (dabbed my makeup brush on the palette 2-3 times). The lighter colours needed more of the eyeshadow on the brush for the colour to show.

Matt Shade 17

Matt Shade 17

The eyeshadow did not crease, the eyeshadow stayed even on the eyelids throughout the day.

I used a brush to apply the eyeshadow.

I would use this eyeshadow again, it stays on without creasing, and I did not have to apply much for the colour to show.

I would buy the MUA makeup range again; the eyeshadow stays on well throughout the day and there is a large choice of colours and the lipgloss stays on for a decent amount of time and it is not sticky.

My favourite products to use was the MUA eyeshadow and lip glosses, this is because it is good quality makeup that lasts through the day.

For more information on Teen make up contact

Illamasqua Launch Their Newest Collection – Throb

I have been an avid lover and user of Illamasqua’s products ever since I discovered the brand in Selfridge’s last year! I’m so excited to tell you all about the launch of their latest collection ‘Throb’. Just in time for Valentine’s day!!

This Image portrays, Art, Love, Sex Appeal and Fun! Exactly what make up and Valentine’s Day is all about!

Feel your pulse quicken, your heart throbbing in your chest. These are Illamasqua latest offerings at the altar of beauty, guaranteed to make you gasp with pleasure.

The Throb Collection consists of L-R

Nail Varnish in Scorn (Black) £13.50, Nail Varnish in Load (Cream) £13.50, Intense Lipgloss in Succbus £13.00, Lipstick in Sangers £15.50, Nail Varnish in Throb (Red) £13.50

The whole range is available from

Prestige Lipstick in Romantic Red

For the first time I handed over the reigns of this post to a tweetmate Viv Smith. I got this lipstick and thought ooh red, one of the hot colours for this season. But it really wasn’t my shade at all. I know that Viv loves lipstick so I enlisted her help on this one. Here’s her review:

Prestige Lipstick in Romantic Red

I was a little horrified when I received the lipstick I was to review. Red is not a colour I wear or feel I carry off particularly well, but I had agreed to review it, so in the name of science I braved the red.

As a busy mum of two, I have little time to keep topping up my lippy. Usually I apply lipstick before I leave the house and then never get chance to check it as the day goes on, let alone reapply! However, on test day I did ensure I had a mirror and did sneak a peak several times during the day.

When drinking, I did leave lipstick marks on the cup/glass, but I’m pleased to report that my lips still had a good coverage of colour. Maybe not as deep as when freshly applied, but a good amount of colour (in fact I liked the colour as it softened with wear/transfer). A cup of tea, teeth brushing and a coffee and it was still evident that I was wearing ‘Romantic red’ lipstick.

The lipstick didn’t hold up so well to eating and after my sandwich and a blueberry muffin (about half a muffin as my little boy took a shine to it!), I did need to reapply. But, the reapplication was nearly 4 hours since I’d first coated my lips, which I think is fair.

To my surprise the colour actually grew on me and I’m thinking it’d be a lovely shade for a party or with some bright summery outfits – planning ahead! The lipstick stayed put well, but I do prefer a more moisturising feel and would in future add a dab of clear gloss or Vaseline to the lipstick, which would no doubt lessen the sticking power of this lipstick.

I think it looks gorgeous on Viv, much better shade for her than me!

Prestige Colour Treat Lipsticks are available from Boots Stores Nationwide and Gordon in Northern Ireland RRP £6.49

Handmade Beauty From An Independent Designer

Handmade Beauty

As an independent designer/maker, I am keen to support the UK handmade scene. Over the last few weeks I ve sought to promote a variety of independent artists and designers through twitter ( ) and my blog ( ). Often people have a preconception of the type of person a handmade gift is suitable for. Handmade is not a synonym for naff, old-fashioned or frumpy. The UK handmade scene has come a long way since most people experienced handmade in a cold, drafty village hall. The internet has made handcrafted accessible and helped numerous people with real talent establish themselves and make their work available to all, not just those with exclusive boutiques nearby.

Hopefully this little showcase of items picked from Folksy will show that there lots of gorgeous items for the beauty lover.

Top row: Lip balm by Soapure (, Handbag Mirror by Nicky Nacky Noo ( )

Middle Row: Makeup Brush Roll by Funky Diva Designs ( ), Bath Melts by Hea ram-Skearam Soap Companny ( )

Bottom row: Soap & Dish by SoapAroma ( ), Makeup bag by Natalie Farrell (

Handmade is fresh, unique and vibrant. There is a wealth of gorgeous handcrafted products out there for each and every ‘type of person and more often than not, designers are happy to tweak a design or create something bespoke, creating something that is simply perfect. If you haven t seen the likes of Folksy ( ), Etsy ( ), Not on the High Street ( ), Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous ( ) , as well as numerous other websites solely selling handmade, then that you re next stop after reading this!

Written by Viv Smith from Poppy Sparkles, handcrafted birthstone jewellery.

Be Drop Dead Gorgeous this Christmas

Christmas is nearly here so make sure you re ready to party by following a few simple tips. The basis of true glamour is a flawless skin so if you ve been working in a hot office all day it important to drink lots of water to re-hydrate your skin. Then, with the right foundation for your skin tone, you can achieve a soft, dewy complexion which can be contrasted with dramatic, vibrant eyes.
This season eye colours are gold, brown, plum, dark or vibrant blue and green. To simmer with a sexy, smoky eyed look, apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow on the brow bone, a mid colour shade over the rest of the eyelid and a darker shade to create depth in the socket line. Blend in and carry this under the lower lashes with a finer brush and apply eyeliner above and below the lashes.

To shimmer create some sparkle by adding a touch of glitter to your eyes, but if you re wearing a sparkly dress then you need to keep glittery make-up to a minimum. Experiment with glitter eyeliner over your usual eyeliner or try some glittery eye shadow, but if your eyes are too sensitive for this add some shimmer with a sparkly body cream.

False eyelashes give eyes a really striking party look and adding a few individual lashes to the outer corners of the eyes really open them up. Choose lashes that are slightly longer than your own lashes so that they look realistic. If you re going for the full effect then strip lashes can be found in different lengths, colours and designs.

Vampish red, dark burgundy or plum lipsticks are really in this festive season. Make sure they shine by applying a clear gloss over the top and use a matching lip liner to stop the lipstick bleeding. Put a little powder blusher on your cheekbones and some blotting sheets and concealer in your bag so, however much you partake of the Christmas spirit, you ll still look drop dead gorgeous and have a great night out.