Top 10 Beauty and Skincare Products for Winter skin

Bridal beauty winter skincare

Every winter my skin struggles with the different changes in temperature, central heating and the cold winds wreak havoc on my skin’s moisture balance. I try to keep it as hydrated as possible and because having great skin is one of my top priorities i try lots of different things to get the best skincare products in my opinion that do work!

If your getting married in summer this year you should start pampering your skin now. Bridal make up lasts longer on hydrated and nourished skins. When your skin is too dry and flaky make up will just soak straight into it.

Brides to Be should treat their skin to a monthly masque and a daily hydrating skin treatment during the winter months.

My top 10ШЄЩ€Щ‚Ш№Ш§ШЄ-ШЄШЇШ§Щ€Щ„-ШіШ№Ш±-Ш§ШіЩ‡Щ…-Ш§Щ„ШЁЩ†Щѓ-Ш§Щ„Ш§Щ‡Щ„ЩЉ Must Haves for winter skincare routines


Skin brightening

Dermalogica daily microfoliant


Skin nourishing masque

Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque

Hydrating mist water spray for skin

Avene thermal water

Bridal Beauty eye cream

StriVectin SD eye cream

Skincare serum

Dermaquest Essential b5 hydrating serum

Skin repair cream and primer for dry skin

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Overnight skin serum

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial

Lip treatment for brides

Dr Paw Paw

Effective dry skin treatment

Weleda Dry Skin Food

Nourishing body cream

Laura Mercier Crème Brulee  Soufflé Body Crème

Here are all the stores that i use to purchase my products!

*** I use all of these brands for personal and professional use. I am not affiliated to any of these companies and i have purchased all products myself ***

الثنائي Thanks for Reading 

Joyce xx

Nicara Luxury Spa Body Scrub

Body scrubs and lotions

I’m a great believer in exfoliation and I love natural smelling products too. So when i was sent a sample of Nicara Spa Body Scrub I couldn’t wait to try it. Not only does it smell gorgeous but it’s packed with essential oils* and no artificial fragrance in sight. I used it straight from the container and then showered it off, the result is silky smooth gorgeous skin. You don’t need a lot of product because a little goes a long way! (

Natural Body Scrub £26.40 – 200ml


Body exfoliation

I’ve also been using the scrub as a hand scrub for silky soft hands pre manicure. They are so soft all the time 🙂

There are other products in the range too! Great to be able to do a spa at home treatment. For more details visit the website here

get link *Contains Nut Oils

Joyce xx


Give Your Nails Some New Year Love

Towards the end of last year I noticed a real change in my nails and cuticles. The cold weather was playing havoc with them and my nails had become really brittle. My cuticles were drier than ever and I needed a fast remedy. I’d heard of the brand Nail Doctor but never tried the products.

I bought 2 products from their range of nail remedies. I liked that on the packaging it states the problem and solution to whatever your nail issue is.

سجل تداول الخيارات الثنائية My first problem – Fragile nails that are in need of support. My nails were breaking off one after the other and had stopped growing. I always had lovely nails before. You just need to paint on one coat to clean dry nails and then paint them with your usual nail colour and top coat afterwards. I noticed a difference within a week! I keep a coat of it on my nails all the time now! Nail Doctor Solution – Wrap it Up! Liquid bandage for nail emergencies. £7.14 from

مصفوفة ثنائية الموالية الخيارات الثنائية إشارات التداول البرمجيات My second problem – Dry cracked, ragged cuticles. My cuticles were so dry that they were falling off in chunks. I had to do something to stop it happening, bacause they were getting really sore even with hand cream! It says to use it weekly by leaving on for 10 minutes and pushing back cuticles then rinsing off. I used it every other day and got incredible results within a fortnight. Now I use it weekly to maintain the results. It smells lovely and citrusy too!

بيع الاسهم عن طريق النت Nail Doctor Solution – Critical cuticle Care Cuticle Oil Massage £7.14 from

So all of you out there that have given up hope for beautiful nails. Go out there and buy these!!

For more advice on nail care visit

The Awards 10 Day Face and Body Blitz

As you all know I’ve been nominated for an award and I want to look my best for the day so here’s my 10 day countdown.

Day 1 – Hand exfoliation

Day 2 – Full Body Scrub

Day 3 – Foot Scrub, Masque and Moisturise with. Hair Cut and coloured.

Day 4 – Facial Scrub

Day 5 – Dry Body Brush all over to stimulate circulation

Day 6 – Slather handcream over hands and wear gel gloves for 30 minutes

Day 7 – Full facial – Cleanse, exfoliate, masque, tone, eyecream, mositurise

Day 8 – Wax legs, underarms, eyebrows

Day 9 – Pedicure for pretty feet

Day 10 – Morning ritual before heading to the awards.

On top of these my I will also do this daily:

Morning – Cleanse, tone, eyecream, moisturise

Daytime – Apply cuticle care

Nightime – Cleanse, tone, eyecream, serum, moisturise. Apply Rapidlash to lashes. Apply foot cream. Sleep.

If you need any help or have any questions! Please contact me!

Bridal Emergency Kit

√Ø ª ø√Ø ª ø√Ø ª øI asked what people they would have in the their Bridal Emergency Kit for their wedding day and here are the answers:

A packet of mints. For fresh breath and it also helps settle the stomach

Clear nail polish

A vial of Tide to Go

Make-up, hankies, brush, spare tights, party feet for sore feet, body spray

Bachs Rescue Remedy

Tampax / panty liners , tissues, concealer, lip gloss, safety pins, glue for acrylic nails, nail file, comb, hair spray

nail repair kit and spare tights/stockings

Jack Daniels! :-), lippy, tissues, nail glue!!! Compact for touch ups!

I needed a needle and white thread on my wedding day as my dad stood on my dress as we left the house and tore it!

Tissues, cotton buds dipped in eye make-up remover, eye drops to take away redness of crying, concealer and lippy

Lip gloss, hankies, needle & thread, single sachet of baby wipes they are brilliant for getting marks of clothes

Boobtape, saftey pins, hairpins, headache tablets, wipes, taxi numbers

Party feet and Pro plus

Mini deodorant, handcream, small mirror, perfume, scissors to cut off tags, spare contact lenses, suncream, pashmina

If you think there should be anything else please add it to the comments box!

Guest Blog – Louise Chandler

Guest Blog today is all about Louise Chandler

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I am born and bred in Reading Berkshire and am the youngest of 6 kids. My parents came to Reading in the early 1960’s from Barbados and worked in various places around Reading. I was educated locally and went to University at Winchester and Surrey to study media and radio. I have worked in commercial and BBC media organisations for 10 years and enjoy being creative and working with different people. I enjoy watching films, dining out, cooking and baking, going to gigs, festival, theatre, museums and galleries.

What in your make up bag?

Always Vaseline to keep lips moisturised – it is a must!

Hand cream (Nivea or Soap & Glory) to keep my hands and cuticles moisturised – I can’t stand dry hands!

Nail file – my nails always snag and tear so I always have a few of these

Hair clips & hair bands to tame fly away hair that won’t lie flat!

Perfume – love fresh sweet scents

Mac Compact – a great base

Avon / Boots No 7 Primer for the face, it keeps my oily skin matt and enables my make up application to be flawless

Mascara – to make my eyelashes look as long as possible

Eye shadow – I tend to wear pinks / purples that suit my skin tone

Lip gloss – that has subtle colour for neutral lips

Tweezers to pluck my eye brows

What your skincare routine?

Cleanse, tone and moisturise!

Cleanse – I tend to use a facial wash that is suited to oily skin such as Neutrogena

Tone – I often use facial wipes to gently remove any excess dirt

Moisturise – I moisturise using an oil free moisturiser that has SPF and will ensure my skin is mattified.

What one beauty product couldn t you live without?

Lip balm / Vaseline – I simply cannot have dry lips!

Who do you most admire for their style and beauty and why?

Beyonce – she is naturally beautifully with great skin tone and bone structure. Her make up can transform her to look completely different and she has natural radiance.

Hand and Nail Care at Home

Your hands say a lot about you so keeping your hands looking good is important as they are always on view. Regular manicures can help to keep hands soft and nails in peak condition.

Here’s how I do a home manicure

I start by removing the old polish with an acetone free nail polish remover, then rinse my hands in warm water and massage a hand exfoliator all over my hands, nails and around the cuticles and in-between fingers, rinse it off and pat dry with a towel.

Apply a drop of warm cuticle oil or cuticle cream to each nail and massage it around the cuticle and nail plate. Use an orange wood stick or cuticle tool to gently push the cuticles back to unstick them from the nail plate, then rinse off in warm soapy water. Regular cuticle massage will prevent hangnails forming and skin splitting around the nail.

Trim the nails if necessary with nail clippers rather then scissors as scissors tend to split the nails so I don t recommend them. Use a soft flexible emery board to file across the top of each nail, file the nail in one direction only from side to centre, don’t use a sawing action because this can cause the nails to split and peel so I don’t use metal nail files. Use the edge of the emery board to smooth any fray bits of filed nail away nail.

Once you have the nail shape you want apply a thick layer of hand cream to your hands and put each hand into a cotton glove. If you haven’t got any cotton gloves, then wrap your hands in cling film instead. After 10 minutes remove the gloves or cling film and massage the excess cream into your hands and up your forearms.

If you’re painting your nails make sure you degrease them first with a cotton pad soaked in an acetone free nail polish remover.

Before you paint the nails apply a base coat to each nail from base to tip, allow to dry for a minute or two then apply two coats of your chosen colour and finish with a clear top coat.

Voila you have gorgeous manicured hands!

Top Tips

  • Don t use nails as tools e.g. removing staples, scraping.
  • Wear an SPF to protect them from sun damage and age spots.
  • Wear gloves in winter to protect them from the harsh cold winds and prevent chapping.
  • Always apply hand cream after washing your hands or having them in water.
  • Regularly use a cuticle oil or cream at bedtime to nourish the cuticles.
  • If you buff your nails only buff from base to tip 3 or 4 times, never buff the nails horizontally as this causes vertical ridges to develop by drying out the nail plate because the nails natural oils evaporate from the surface.
  • Always wear gloves to do cleaning, washing up dishes and gardening, harsh chemicals can be very drying on the hands.