Some Beauty Questions Answered

Question: If the product stings it must be doing some good?

If a product is stinging then you should stop using it immediately. Stinging is a sign that there is either an allergic reaction and the product is too harsh for your skin or there is damage to the skins barrier function.

Question: I don’t need to wear sunscreen unless I’m on holiday do I?

Its important to wear a sunscreen 365 days a year. Not only is sunscreen the best anti-ageing product it protects the skin from any UV exposure.

Question: If I wear sunscreen will I still get a tan?

If you don’t wear sunscreen you’ll burn and cause permanent skin damage which could lead to melanoma’s later in life.

Question: Are alcohol based products and toners are better for oily skins?

Alcohol in products can be very drying and strip oils from the skin. This will cause the skin to increase its oil (sebum) production making the skin oilier.

Question: Are Facial or Baby wipes great for removing my make up?

Wipes of any kind should only be used in emergency’s. They only remove the surface layer of make up but you still need to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Make up wearers should always double cleanse.

Question: Why I do I need to exfoliate?

Exfoliation of your face and body should be done at least twice a week. Use a mild exfoliator for mature or sensitised skins, a medium exfoliator for oily, normal or dry skins. Avoid very scratchy exfoliators as these can damage the skins barrier and cause sensitisation. Body exfoliatiors can be more grainy because the skin is thicker on the body. Exfoliation aids the penetration of skincare products by removing the dead skin cells.

Question: Why do I need a skincare routine?

A good skincare routine ensures your skin keeps looking great later on in life. It may look great now but a regular routine and facials keep skin in tip top condition.

Question: Isn’t eye cream only for older women?

Eye cream is for men and women and should be used from about the age of 25. Use a grape pip sized amount for each eye and apply with your ring finger to avoid dragging the skin.

Question: If my skin is oily do I need a moisturiser?

The simple answer is yes. All skins need moisture, just use the right product for your skin type. Look for oil free moisturisers.

Question: How do you treat dry patches on the face?

I would check that its not a skin condition e.g. eczema or dermatitis. If its just occured I would exfoliate your face, then apply a nourishing masque and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse off and apply a rich moisturiser to the dry patches and your normal moisturiser to the rest of your face.

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