Post Party Pick me ups from Caudalie

For the party season a dull complexion and a sore head are a hazard when those late nights catch up with you. I wanted something that would pick me up the next day after a night on the tiles.

I needed something to detox my body and get the toxins from the alcohol out of my system. I like to try things that are free of unnecessary chemicals. Caudalie have come up with a great product – Draining Organic Herbal Tea. And the bonus is the tea acts as a slimming aid too. I was a bit afraid to take them after feeling a bit delicate because I know what a sensitive tummy I have.

I steeped one teabag in hot water for 5 minutes. I had to add a bit of sugar to mine because I have a very sweet tooth. It would taste fine without sugar though. The tea tasted great and it made me feel much better within an hour. They recommend drinking up to 3 bags a day. I only drank two cups and that was enough to make me feel better.

I also wanted to try something to freshen my skin and thought I’d give the Beauty Elixir a go!!

First thing after cleansing my face I spritzed it with Caudalie Eau de Beaute – Beauty Elixir. It promises a smoothing, glowing complexion. The directions say to close your eyes and mist over the face before applying your moisturiser. I did this and it was zingy and fresh and really woke my skin up. I am a huge fan of spritzers so I really loved this product. You can also use it throughout the day as a skin freshener, so keep it in your handbag!

Caudal√É ≠e was born in 1993 when Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas had a chance encounter with Dr. Vercauteren, professor at the University of Pharmacy, Bordeaux and the world leading expert on grape and grapevine polyphenols. On the vineyards of the Ch√É ¢teau Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux, the professor noticed the leftover skins and seeds of the grapes from the harvest and explained to the couple that the polyphenols in the grape and grapevines had extraordinary anti-oxidant power. It was then that Caudal√É ≠e was created.

Both products are available from Debenhams. John Lewis and Selfridges