Perfect Feet

Now that summer is upon us and our feet will be once again, exposed in sandals it time to give them a pampering. Here’s how I keep my feet looking pretty!

Start by removing any old nail polish by soaking a cotton pad in an acetone free nail polish (this type is less drying to the nail). Press the damp cotton pad against the nail for 10 seconds and it should soak through the polish for easier removal.

Then using a hard skin or callus, removal tool slough away the hard skin on the heels and balls of the feet. This is best done on dry feet as it won t shred the skin like it would on softened damp skin.

Next soak your feet in a foot spa or bowl of warm water for 5 minutes. Remove the feet and towel dry but don t discard the water just yet. Use a granular foot exfoliator (or make your own with olive oil and granulated sugar or coarse sea salt) and massage over tops and soles of each foot before returning your feet to the bowl of water or foot spa to rinse off.

Have two hand towels ready and wrap each foot to keep them warm.

Unwrap one foot and cut the toenails straight across with toenail clippers. Cut them slightly longer than the desired finished length, use an emery board to smooth and seal the cut edges. Apply foot cream thickly over toes, tops of feet and soles up to the ankles. Wrap the foot in cling film and put a sock on over this. Repeat with the other foot. Leave on for 10 minutes.

Remove sock and cling film, massage any excess cream into the foot. Push back the cuticles with an orange stick. If you want to paint your toenails de-grease them with acetone free nail polish remover first. Always use a base coat before applying nail colour. Paint 2 coats of your favourite polish and finish with a coat of clear topcoat. Now you are ready to go!

Tools needed:

3 hand towels, Foot cream, Foot exfoliator, Toenail clippers, Emery board, Cling film, Acetone free nail polish remover, Orange stick, Bowl or foot spa, Hard skin / callus remover.

Top Tips:

  • Remove hard skin regularly
  • Always cut toe nails straight across to prevent ingrown nails
  • Push back cuticles regularly to stop them sticking to toenails
  • Use a foot cream containing urea as this also exfoliates the dead skin
  • Always wear socks in boots/trainers to stop bare skin rubbing against the sides as this can cause calluses.