New Make Up to be launched from Illamasqua I know I keep ranting on about Illamasqua but I truly haven’t been in love with a make up as much as this before now! I had the honour of being one of the 1st people to try out one of the new foundations being launched very soon.

see url I wore this foundation for the best part of 6 hours and did not feel it on my skin I had comments about how flawless it looked on me too! The thing was I had to tell people that I was wearing it because they couldn’t see it on my skin. That is what I call a perfect foundation:

  1. You can’t see it
  2. It feels like skin
  3. It has all over flawless coverage
  4. It can be applied in different ways e.g. Brush, fingers, sponge.

go here هامور الاسهم السعودية It comes in 18 shades to suit all skin tones.

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الخيارات الثنائية السير أن العمل Skin base launches this summer!!

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