My Story So Far

Well where do I start in 1995 I decided to go to visit my Mum who was living in New York at the time and working for Elizabeth Arden in Bloomingdales. She’d been living there for 7 years by this time. I had been over to see her before this but hadn’t really taken much in because I always saw Manhattan through tourist eyes.

I arrived on November 1st 1995. My Uncle who also lived there had arranged for me to work in his hotel gift store for the next 3 months. I was over the moon, then I found out I was on the early shift starting at 6.00am. I absolutely loved it!! I worked till 2.00pm and then I could go shopping (Yay!)

Most of the time I would go to see my Mum at Bloomingdales or go to Macy’s. Either way I spent most of my time in both of the department stores’ cosmetics departments.

When I got home in January 1996 I noticed the local college had a ‘Beauty Therapist’ course for mature students. You’re deemed mature if you’re over 19, I was 32! I gave up my job as a Nanny in the August and started as a full time student in September 1996.

The course was a 2 year course condensed into 1 year and covering all aspects of beauty therapy. I really enjoyed the course and at the end I was nominated as student of the year 1997. My prize was a years training at the renowned ‘International Dermal Institute’.

That gave me my step up for more training, and I’ve since completed over 100 other beauty and make up training couses. I set up business in 1997, just 2 months after leaving college and haven’t looked back since. Now I travel the world finding out what people use in other countries and seeking the secrets of eternal youth and beauty.

I worked for nearly 9 years before I really got into the bridal make up market. I had been doing brides make up but hadn’t really studied it. In 2006 I set up Brides and Beauty. It was my dream business because that’s exactly what I did Bridal make up and beauty treatments so the name was appropriate.

I went over to the International Beauty Show in New York in February 2007 and haven’t looked back since. That show proved to me that hair and make up should be for any skin tone. Now I attend the show every year and I visit other shows abroad too. It inspired me to set up An online store retailing quality products for all skin tones. After all we’re all mixed in some way!

In 2010 I got into social networking and realised that I could tell people more about beauty and make up but I didn’t want my blog to be just about certain brands or products. I wanted to tell people how to do at home treatments and talk about my finds.

That’s my story so far………..