My Skincare Secret

Everyone asks me what I use for skincare and they never believe my age. Over the years I have tried practically every brand out there. When I was a teenager my skin was so oily you could’ve skated across my forehead! As I got older my T-Zone got less oily but then my cheeks became drier.

When I qualified as a beauty therapist I needed a Professional brand so I started using Dermalogica in my treatments. I was impressed by their non fussy packaging and the fact that their products were aimed at men and women. They also delivered a very results driven product range. 15 years later I am still using the brand professionally and personally.

Over the last year I have been trialling a range of products that I’d read about in a Trade magazine.

DermaQuest√¢‚Äû ¢ Skin Therapy was founded in 1999 to develop and market high-quality skin-care products. We are committed to advancing the practical science of skin care. Every product we sell is precisely formulated from scientifically proven ingredients in our own on-site laboratory. All products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed worldwide from our state-of-the-art Northern California facility. DermaQuest√¢‚Äû ¢ Skin Therapy products are paraben-free and we do not conduct animal testing.

I was really interested so I started by trying the skin wash, and gradually over the last year I have purchased everything I needed until I had what suited my skin type from the product range. I love the results! I feel like it’s knocked 10 years off my age and there is not a single spot in sight, no dryness, no dehydation or fine lines! I was sold on it the minute I heard about their Advance B5 Serum.

Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, this excellent product is a dermal hydrator which holds 1000 times its molecular weight. It is easily recognized and accepted at the cellular level, allowing active ingredients to effectively penetrate the skin.

This ingredient is hot in the cosmetic industry. Look out for it in your products. Want to read more about DermaQuest√¢‚Äû ¢ Skin Therapy.

So now you know my skincare secret!!

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