My Personal Skincare

Lots of people ask me which products do I use. As a Beauty Therapist and Make Up Artist my product list is always changing as I try new things. None of my skincare products are from the high street but my make up is. Some of my bodycare products are from the high street.

My face is more sensitive than my body but I’m still aware of what I choose to use.

One thing I look at when I buy products is the ingredients. I’m not a scientist but I know what I don’t want in my products. I don’t want:

Mineral Oils – Pore clogging irritant, aka paraffinum liquidum, an ingredient found in lots of facial and baby wipes. Common products containing it are vaseline and baby oil.

Fragrance – I wear fragrance but I don’t want it in my face cream, can cause irritation.

Alcohol – The only time you need an alcohol toner is to remove a mineral oil based cleanser. I wash my face so SD alcohol is not necessary. It strips the natural oils from the skin and causes it to dry out so the skin produces more oil. I use a hydrating spritz toner before my moisturiser.

Artificial Colour – Why do I need a colour, I dont want pink, yellow, green or orange skin so I avoid it in my products.

SLS – Long name ‘Sodium Laureth Sulfate’ aka soap, foaming ingredient. Very drying on the skin. That’s why hands, face and body feel tight when you wash them. It’s in nearly every household product you have i.e. washing up liquid, bar soap, shower gel, bubble bath, washing powder, hand soap, some facial washes. It a foaming agent but is also an irritant and can affect some skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

Tell me what you use in the comments box?

More about which brands I use in another blog!