Men and Make Up

Wearing make up doesn t mean you have to be glittery and girly, it means you want to look good. Secretly lots of men wear make up on a daily basis you just never know it because you can t see it. Wearing making doesn t make you a gay or mean that you aren t a ‘real man . Make up is for covering flaws and enhancing your best features. Make up isn t just for celebrities or women it for everyone. In today society men are starting to take care of their skin and their hair and want to look good! So a bit of ‘covering up is worth the effort.

The cosmetic market are starting to see that men want a range of products for themselves and many of the well-known skincare brands have re-branded their product lines to make them look more manly and brought out products specifically marketed towards men.

Foundation is the perfect way to cover up skin imperfections, beware the beard area if you have lots of stubble or a beard. Choose a product that is oil free to mattify the skin if its you have oily skin. To choose the right shade test it on your jaw line, if you have a beard test it on your cheek to get the best colour match. If you can t see it on your skin it the correct shade for you. Tinted moisturiser is another option but avoid one with light reflectors because these add a shine to the skin.

If you just want to cover a few spots or pimples then go for a concealer and apply this over the area you want to conceal using a fine brush or light pressure with your fingertip.

For those of you that just want to give your skin a more matt finish a powder is the best option and is great for photos, the shiniest areas of the face are the nose forehead and chin. Lightly dust the powder over these areas using a large brush.

Top Tips For Men

  • Cleanse your face twice daily to remove make up and moisturise using an oil free product if your skin is oily.
  • Use a facial scrub twice weekly to remove dead skin and lift out ingrown facial hairs
  • If you want to keep your make up wearing a secret look for brands that have a more masculine look to their packaging
  • Don t be afraid to ask your siblings for advice or log on to an online forum
  • Just remember to keep it simple and don t apply the make up too heavily