Make Up Colours for Summer 2011

Now that summer is here its time to have a make up bag clear out. That not to say that you have to bin the entire contents. Its time to make sure your brushes are fresh and clean and still have bristles attached. Has your mascara dried up? You should buy a new one every 3 months or so to keep it fresh and stop the clumping on your lashes. Thick long lashes are really in at the moment so invest in mascara that gives you that look. As you get older go for a dark brown rather than black which shows the signs of ageing more.

Summer colours for 2011 and really fresh and the nude flawless look is in. Bright lip colour is making an appearance this season. Nude lip colours were all the rage for spring 2011 but still have a wide range of hues to choose from. Summer is all about being bright and bold. Lilac eyeshadow and pale pink lipstick are back in too. Try to focus on lips or eyes not both at the same time.

Blue eyeliner is making its way back in but try not to repeat the 80 look and go for a touch of blue in the corners rather than a solid line of it.

Check all the eyeshadows in your make up bag for ridging! This is when the oil rises to the surface and makes lines in the colour! Avoid using your fingers in make up. Oils from your fingers will transfer into the make up and lessen its life. Look for the colours you bought last year and never used. What stooped you? Give them a try this year.

Check out some of the new palettes for Guerlain, Nars and Urban Decay.

Happy shopping and getting ready for summer!