Pre and Post Party Skin Pick Me Ups – Lierac

Over the weekend I tried one of Lierac’s skincare products and I was very impressed with range. Before going to bed I thought I’d give my face a polish in readiness for my lunch with some friends. I applied the Lierac MICRO-ABRASION Stimulating Smoothing Cream for the face. When I was applying it the directions said to massage into the skin for 2 minutes. I wet my face then I spread it all over and started to massage it in using my finger tips and small circular movements. It felt very abrasive but I continued and when the time was up I rinsed it off and applied my usual moisturiser. In the morning I had the softest smoothest skin and my make up went on a treat. I really love this product and I will continue using it because of the glowing skin result it gave. It promised instant visible results and it delivered! Lierac recommend using this product twice a week. If you have sensitive skin I would say to only use it once a week.

I didn’t need much product at all. About the size of a 10p piece is enough to cover your face and neck.

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Lierac products are available from Harrods Pharmacy, Independent Pharmacies and Selfridges.