Keratosis Pilaris a Skin Condition

Keratosis Pilaris

I m sure lots of you will never have heard of this skin condition but you ve probably noticed it on someone. I want to share with you some tips to help with this condition that can affect men and women.

Keratosis Pilaris is a condition caused by an increase of skin scaling in the follicle. Caused by keratin, a natural protein in the skin, that accumulates within the hair follicles forming hard plugs (process known as hyperkeratinization). It most often appears as a proliferation of tiny hard red or skin colored bumps on the tops of arms and thighs. Exfoliation is key along with reducing salt intake in the diet. New studies point to a genetic component for Keratosis Pilaris.

Treatments that help KP:

Body Exfoliation: Removing the keratinized plug through exfoliation will leave the skin smoother thus stopping the person from picking at their skin. Dry body brushing, mineral salt scrubs and exfoliating body scrubs are ideal, either done at home or in the skin or spa center.

Some exfoliating and useful ingredients to look for in your skin products are:

Lactic Acid: Exfoliating, humectant increases natural ceramides

Salicylic Acid: is always a good choice of ingredient when looking to treat any form of follicular concern. Salicylic acid is lipophilic which enables in to penetrate sebaceous substance in the hair follicle & exfoliate the pores. It is also an anti-inflammatory

Fruit Enzymes: dissolve dead surface skin cells

Abrasives : Corn cob, loofah, buffing cloth and salt scrub etc. will slough off surface skin cells

Hyaluronic Acid: Humectant, binds 1000 x own weight in water

Vitamin A: Aids in exfoliation, regulates epidermal function

Evening Primrose Oil: Rich source of gamma linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that helps restore barrier properties to skin

I have been using Dermalogica both professionally and personally for the last 14 years. Here’s how to use their products to help this skin condition.

Dermalogica products to use:

Body Hydrating Cream

An advanced body cream formula with hydroxy acids and essential plant oils to smooth and condition the skin.

Features or key ingredients:

  • Natural hydroxy acids from sugar cane and apple extracts combine with lactic acid.

benefits: smooth the skin

  • Japanese Green Tea extract

benefits: calms the skin

  • Lavender, Patchouli and Orange

benefits: soothe and soften the skin

At-home Application:

Apply to the body with large sweeping movements.


The Ultimate Buffing Cloth

A quick-drying, hygienic exfoliating cloth to buff and polish the body to silky perfection.

Features and benefits:

  • A gentle, yet effective way to exfoliate the entire body during cleansing.
  • Great size to effectively cleanse hard-to-reach areas.
  • Rinses easily and dries quickly for greater hygiene.
  • May be machine-washed on the delicate, cold wash cycle.

At-home Application:

  • Wet The Ultimate Buffing Cloth.
  • Lather Conditioning Body Wash onto the buffing cloth and massage over the entire body, concentrating on any rough, dry areas such as elbows, knees and heels.
  • Rinse cloth thoroughly and allow to air dry.


Hydro-Active Mineral Salts

A mineral rich salt body therapy for all-over skin polishing.

Features or key ingredients:

  • Natural kelp and enzymes of Papain and Bromelain.

benefits: gently exfoliates surface cells and softens the skin.

  • Oils of Sandalwood, Lavender, Orange and Clary Sage.

benefits: leave the skin smooth and conditioned.

At-home Application:

  • Shake a small amount onto wet hands or mix into a paste with two pumps of Stress Relief Treatment Oil and gently massage over the entire body concentrating on elbows, knees and heels.

For a mineral soak: Pour a small amount into a warm bath.


Exfoliating Body Scrub

A creamy, lightly foaming body scrub that dramatically smoothes, polishes and energizes skin. Refreshing essential oils revitalize the body and awaken the senses.

Features or key ingredients:

  • Ultra-fine Olive, Date Seed and Fig Fruit powders

benefits : remove dull and dead surface cells without scratching the skin.

  • Rice Bran and Phytic Acid

benefits: helps loosen cells and promote cell sloughing

  • Antioxidant Green Tea polyphenols

benefits: soothes skin while scavenging free radicals

At-home Application:

  • Squeeze a generous amount into wet hands.
  • Massage over entire body and work into a light lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry.
  • Follow with Body Hydrating Cream or UltraRich Body Cream.


Conditioning Body Wash

A rich, skin conditioning botanical cleanser for the entire body

Features or key ingredients:

  • Essential oils of Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary

benefits: purifying and invigorating

  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and aromatherapy oils of Sandalwood and Lavender

benefits: condition skin leaving it smooth and soft.

At-home Application:

  • Squeeze a small amount onto The Ultimate Buffing Cloth or hands.
  • Work into a lather over the entire body and rinse.

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