Illamasqua – My New Love

follow site Today my order from Illamasqua arrived. I placed the order online at 1.00am on Sunday, speedy service. I could feel my heart pounding a little as the courier handed over the package, because – yes you guessed it I’ve fallen in love with this fabulous brand of make up. I only discovered it last month, why hadn’t I kept up with the latest news? Here is today’s haul!

follow I even loved the fact that it’s all wrapped in black too! The courier thought the box was empty, little did he know it was my new love in a box!

enter Below are the lipsticks I bought in Prophecy (Gold), Poison (Plum) and Vengeance (Silver). I put a streak of each on my inner arm so that you can see a good shot of them.


source Yes they are to die for. I shall show you what they look like on at a later date.

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