Hyaluronic Acid – Is It The Key to Premature Ageing?

I asked Colin Sanders advice on one of the beauty industry’s hottest product ingredients ‘Hyaluronic acid’ and here’s what he said! I have had good results with this ingredient in my products, and I’ve noticed the difference!

Hyaluronic acid is found throughout the body but is particularly abundant in the skin. There is quite a bit of biochemistry associated with it. The Wikipedia entry for it which is pretty well written and with which I cannot find fault. To summarise it in a few sentences , hyaluronic acid plays a number of roles in the body including helping the brain and other organs develop and playing a role in the formation of skin cells.
The role of estrogen in modulating hyaluronic acid levels and therefore moisturisation is interesting and might well explain why many women have some variation in their skin over the course of their monthly cycle.

Incidentally if you know any 40 plus males who habitually drink a great deal but who don t smoke have a close look at the quality of their skin. It is often very smooth. It is probably not much consolation for the pendulous stomachs and expanding man boobs they will also have. The explanation for all three is that the liver controls the balance of estrogen. Alcohol suppresses the liver ability to do this tending to give males a more feminine level of sex hormone.

It has been around since the eighties, but when it first came out it cost several thousand pounds per kilogram so it was only used at very low levels. It has got steadily cheaper so more of it has been used. It certainly does have a very real moisturising benefit if you use enough of it. I can t honestly say that in my direct personal experience it works any better than glycerol which even now is way way cheaper. Neither glycerol nor hyaluronic acid give great benefits for most people used on their own. They work best when combined with an oil that creates a layer on the surface of the skin. But a small group of people do seem to find both of them particularly beneficial. These are often people who find standard formulations disappointing. I imagine that although their dry skin looks and feels the same as most people , the root cause of it is different.

My basic opinion is that I don t think hyaluronic acid often lives up to the claims made for it and usually glycerol will work just as well. But I wouldn t want to rule it out altogether because you might just happen to have skin which it suits well. Although it is expensive it might be worth giving a try and if it works you won t begrudge the cost. But do make sure you are actually seeing a real improvement. If you can t see a benefit within a week its very unlikely you ever will.

This post was written by Colin Sanders You can read more from Colin here Colin Sanders Beauty Pages