Glowing Skin – DIY Facial

If you ve ever wondered how celebrities get such gorgeous glowing skin, fret no more as help is at hand. The good news is that with a bit of know-how, you can achieve salon special skin on a beauty budget. Here are my tops tips for a DIY facial that can be done at home using all your own products allowing you to wake up with skin to rival Jennifer Aniston .

A facial should make you feel pampered, relaxed and special and I m going to tell you how to achieve that Spa feeling without setting foot out of your front door. Ideally a facial should be done monthly, but once a week you can do the masque part whilst relaxing in a warm/hot bath (candles and glass of wine optional)!

Cleansing – Start with a double cleanse. Using your normal cleanser, apply a thick layer over the entire face and throat, down to the d√É ©collet√É ©. Massage this cleanser into your face, applying a light pressure in circular motions from your neck, up towards your forehead (massaging in circular motions stimulates the circulation of blood in the face and is great for the skin). This first cleanse is to remove make-up and surface debris, remove this cleanser by rinsing off with warm water or cotton wool pads. Repeat (as above) with a second cleanse to thoroughly clean the skin surface.

Exfoliation – using a gentle exfoliator (so as not to aggravate the skin) spread over the face, neck and d√É ©collet√É ©, gently rubbing it into the skin using your fingertips in a circular motion, continue for 2/3 minutes. Remove the exfoliator with a warm damp flannel, this opens the pores and makes skin more receptive to the masque.

Masque – While the skin is slightly damp apply a layer of the masque from the d√É ©collet√É © up to your forehead, make sure you use a masque suitable for your skin type. Leave the masque on for 5, 10 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Blot your skin dry.

Eye Cream, Using your ring finger apply the eye cream; an amount the size of a rice grain is sufficient for each eye. Gently dab this into the eye socket and surrounding area.

Moisturise, Using a moisturiser suitable for your skin-type, rub a 10p size amount of cream between the palms, warming it up, and apply from the d√É ©collet√É © upwards towards the forehead. Use long upward strokes on the neck and d√É ©collet√É © and circular motions on the face, again stimulating circulation. Rub any excess cream into your hands. Always use a moisturiser with a SPF agent in it, ideally no less that SPF 15, as this protects the skin from aging UV rays. If your moisturiser doesn’t contain an SPF then apply one afterwards.

Common mistakes

  • Putting the moisturiser on before your eye cream. The eye cream should be applied first as you want the specialised cream to work on that area and then the moisturiser over the top of it for extra protection.
  • Dragging the skin around the eyes when applying creams – always use your ring finger as it has the lightest pressure and work from the temple to the nose.
  • Exfoliating too much – too much exfoliation can leave the skin raw and unprotected and make oily skins produce more oil.
  • Avoid using eye make-up remover containing mineral oil as this clogs the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Don t use an exfoliator that is too granular as this scratches the surface of the skin causing irritation and sensitisation.

The best time to do a facial is at night when you have a little more time and your skin renewsa itself while you sleep; if you do it at the weekend or in the morning don t forget to apply sunscreen over the moisturiser if your moisturiser doesn t contain an SPF.

Now just sit back, relax and enjoy your glowing complexion.