Facial Hair – A Taboo Subject

Have you ever sat and thought why do I have hair on my face and why do some people have none. Well facial hair is a taboo subject. The only person that would tell you honestly is a child! When it comes to the amount of excess hair we have, everyone’s problem is different to yours. It can be very distressing to some women too. Excessive hair growth could be hereditary, caused by a hormone imbalance or some types of medication. In any case seek medical advice or that of a beauty therapist.

When I look at some women I always want to suggest that if they have excess hair on their upper lip or chin they should remove it, there is nothing worse than a beautifully made up face with ‘whiskers’. We use all types of methods to shape our brows so why not the rest of our face? Over the years I have never been forthcoming enough to speak out. Now I want to tell you all!! If you can pick up the hairs on your lip or chin with your fingers remove it. If the hair is darker than a light brown remove it. If its a light brown you can bleach it. The one method I DON’T recommend is shaving! The 5 o’clock shadow is worse than the hair itself.

There are many ways to remove facial hair.

Electrolysis ~ Permanent hair removal.

Laser ~Permanent hair reduction

Waxing ~ Temporary hair removal

Depilatory Facial Creams ~ Temporary hair removal

Threading ~ Temporary hair removal

Bleach ~ Temporary hair lightener

Make sure you seek professional help before you start trying to do the treatments on yourself at home. It can be very easy to burn or damage the skin. Alwasy have a patch test before using depilatory creams and bleaches.