Bridal Hair and Make Up Trends for 2011

The look for 2011 is flawless skin. To achieve this I recommended a series of salon facials to get skin to its optimum hydration with weekly exfoliation at home in between treatments. Most salons offer consultations so you can get advice on what type of facial would suit your skin type! If the products you’re using now aren’t giving you the desired results then discuss this with your skin therapist during the consultation. Its important to prepare hair and skin for the wedding day. The photos will show how great the condition of how your skin and hair are. If you’re unsure always seek advice. A salon therapist or hairstylist will be qualified to give the best advice. Images give ideas of styles but sometimes hair pieces or extensions are needed to get the desired look.

Make up will only look as good as the skin it’s on. A great skin gives the perfect blank canvas for the make up artist to apply her base to. The bridal make up look for 2011 is a natural or nude eyes with lashings of mascara or eyelash extensions. Lip colour is going to be big this year too. If you want to add colour to your eyes then go for pastels that can range from very pale to vibrant. Strong eyes go with neutral or pale lips and neutral eyes go with stronger lip colours. For lip staying power colour the entire lip in with a matching lip pencil and add your lipstick or gloss over the top.

Vintage glamour is big this year too! The vintage style will go with the whole vintage wedding theme it might look out of place otherwise. 1940’s and 1950’s are a great look for this with red hot lips and long lashes being the key to achieving this style.

Hair styles for this year are varied. The messy updo is still in and so is the bouffant chignon. The natural look with loose bouncy curls is also in. The chosen style will all depend on the overall look that the bride wants to achieve. For vintage glamour large finger waves are to die for. Book regular trims if you’re growing your hair.

The groom should also have skincare treatments to get skin glowing. Men’s hands usually get forgotten and need to be manicured for the big day. Clean smooth hands with filed nails and soft cuticles will make all the difference to the wedding photos! Get short hair cut a couple of days before so that the cut settles into shape! Longer hair should be trimmed no later than two weeks prior to the wedding day. Don’t over do the hair styling products, the hedgehog look went out In the 80’s.

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Hyaluronic Acid – Is It The Key to Premature Ageing?

I asked Colin Sanders advice on one of the beauty industry’s hottest product ingredients ‘Hyaluronic acid’ and here’s what he said! I have had good results with this ingredient in my products, and I’ve noticed the difference!

Hyaluronic acid is found throughout the body but is particularly abundant in the skin. There is quite a bit of biochemistry associated with it. The Wikipedia entry for it which is pretty well written and with which I cannot find fault. To summarise it in a few sentences , hyaluronic acid plays a number of roles in the body including helping the brain and other organs develop and playing a role in the formation of skin cells.
The role of estrogen in modulating hyaluronic acid levels and therefore moisturisation is interesting and might well explain why many women have some variation in their skin over the course of their monthly cycle.

Incidentally if you know any 40 plus males who habitually drink a great deal but who don t smoke have a close look at the quality of their skin. It is often very smooth. It is probably not much consolation for the pendulous stomachs and expanding man boobs they will also have. The explanation for all three is that the liver controls the balance of estrogen. Alcohol suppresses the liver ability to do this tending to give males a more feminine level of sex hormone.

It has been around since the eighties, but when it first came out it cost several thousand pounds per kilogram so it was only used at very low levels. It has got steadily cheaper so more of it has been used. It certainly does have a very real moisturising benefit if you use enough of it. I can t honestly say that in my direct personal experience it works any better than glycerol which even now is way way cheaper. Neither glycerol nor hyaluronic acid give great benefits for most people used on their own. They work best when combined with an oil that creates a layer on the surface of the skin. But a small group of people do seem to find both of them particularly beneficial. These are often people who find standard formulations disappointing. I imagine that although their dry skin looks and feels the same as most people , the root cause of it is different.

My basic opinion is that I don t think hyaluronic acid often lives up to the claims made for it and usually glycerol will work just as well. But I wouldn t want to rule it out altogether because you might just happen to have skin which it suits well. Although it is expensive it might be worth giving a try and if it works you won t begrudge the cost. But do make sure you are actually seeing a real improvement. If you can t see a benefit within a week its very unlikely you ever will.

This post was written by Colin Sanders You can read more from Colin here Colin Sanders Beauty Pages

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Does your skin feel tight and you immediately think its dry so you smother your skin in oil rich creams to combat the dryness when all your skin needs is a drink! By drink I mean moisture, skin gets thirsty too.

When skin gets thirsty it becomes tight and lsoes its plumpness because of the lack of moisture.

Here are some of the ways you can tell the difference btween dehydration and dryness.

Dry skin is lacking in oil, dehydrated skin is lacking moisture. Dry skin is a skin type like oily or normal. Dehydration is a skin condition like sensitive. Your skin can be dry and dehydrated at the same time. The skin type in this case dryness is usually apparent from puberty but dehydration can come and go.

Key Differences

Dryness – Lacks oil, flakiness, uneven skin, rough patches, premature ageing, deep lines, can be hereditary, can be caused by medication or illness.

Dehydration – Lacks moisture, feels tight, peeling skin, fine lines, can be caused by lifestyle e.g. smoking and drinking, can be caused by environment e.g. central heating and air conditioning.

Remedies – Dry Skin

Cleanse with a creamy cleanser, exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and to aid product absorption, avoid alcohol based products, use a sunscreen to block UVA rays that cause ageing, apply a nourishing masque weekly to feed the skin, choose a moisturiser that soaks in without leaving a greasy film on the skin, use an eye cream to minimise deep lines.

Remedies – Dehydrated Skin

Exfoliate according to your skin type, use a skin hydrating mist spray when in centrally heated or air conditioned areas for long periods of time, cut down on alcohol or smoking – better still seek professional advise to quit, use a hydrating masque weekly until the condition improves then revert to using a masque for your skin type when the condition improves.

Men and Make Up

Wearing make up doesn t mean you have to be glittery and girly, it means you want to look good. Secretly lots of men wear make up on a daily basis you just never know it because you can t see it. Wearing making doesn t make you a gay or mean that you aren t a ‘real man . Make up is for covering flaws and enhancing your best features. Make up isn t just for celebrities or women it for everyone. In today society men are starting to take care of their skin and their hair and want to look good! So a bit of ‘covering up is worth the effort.

The cosmetic market are starting to see that men want a range of products for themselves and many of the well-known skincare brands have re-branded their product lines to make them look more manly and brought out products specifically marketed towards men.

Foundation is the perfect way to cover up skin imperfections, beware the beard area if you have lots of stubble or a beard. Choose a product that is oil free to mattify the skin if its you have oily skin. To choose the right shade test it on your jaw line, if you have a beard test it on your cheek to get the best colour match. If you can t see it on your skin it the correct shade for you. Tinted moisturiser is another option but avoid one with light reflectors because these add a shine to the skin.

If you just want to cover a few spots or pimples then go for a concealer and apply this over the area you want to conceal using a fine brush or light pressure with your fingertip.

For those of you that just want to give your skin a more matt finish a powder is the best option and is great for photos, the shiniest areas of the face are the nose forehead and chin. Lightly dust the powder over these areas using a large brush.

Top Tips For Men

  • Cleanse your face twice daily to remove make up and moisturise using an oil free product if your skin is oily.
  • Use a facial scrub twice weekly to remove dead skin and lift out ingrown facial hairs
  • If you want to keep your make up wearing a secret look for brands that have a more masculine look to their packaging
  • Don t be afraid to ask your siblings for advice or log on to an online forum
  • Just remember to keep it simple and don t apply the make up too heavily

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my new blog! It’s all about me skincare, make up and beauty products and treatments. I love all of those things and wanted to share these with you. I hope you find out some interesting facts or share my views. I look forward to your comments.


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