Today’s post is all about Niki McGlynn

Tell me a bit about yourself and your business?

I trained as a homeopath after using homeopathy when I was pregnant with my daughter and suffering crippling morning sickness. I had taken everything my doctor had to offer and still ended up in hospital on a drip. My health visitor recommended a local homeopath, I had used it before with my son when he had dreadful eczema, so I was prepared to give it a go. I decided to add reflexology later as the two treatments work well together. Once qualified I was a bit shocked at the lack of products available for use in treatments. Most products contain petroleum and everything smells of peppermint! I wanted something natural which would help with various skin issues and smell better. I used my knowledge and experience as a homeopath in order to develop my range of Balms. They are all naturally anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial plus the oils they contain are really effective at moisturising and helping cracked or damaged skin to heal. They work amazingly well on cracked heels but my customers will often email me with other skin problems that they have used them for. For example Original Balm seems great for insect bites, fungal nail infections and cold sores and the Lavender & Chamomile seems really effective for burns and eczema.

Baby Bottom Balm is great for nappy rash and is also good for children eczema as it is a bit milder. Some of my customers also use Lavender & Chamomile Balm as a cleanser/moisturiser on their faces.

Balms can be ordered from my website I am also on twitter @nikimcglynn or @nikisbalms where I am always happy to answer questions

Where are you based in the UK?

I am based in Wokingham, in Berkshire

When did you establish your business?

2 years ago

Why did you decide to start this business?

I wanted a natural product which would help my clients and would smell good!

What your unique selling point?

There is nothing quite like my balm on the market, apart for the fact it smells amazing, it is organic and made in small batches in order to maintain the quality yet it remains very reasonably priced.

What you best selling product?

My Original Organic Reflexology Balm is still my best selling product, closely followed by Original Organic Balm as other reflexologist clients buy it to use themselves as it is so lovely.

Who your target market?

Reflexologists primarily, and then people who are interested in using natural products on their skin.

Why do you think more people are buying natural products?

I think that people are becoming aware of the benefits of more natural products, and that they minimise the impact on the environment as well as providing safe and effective care for themselves and their families. They work well and are so much better than using petro-chemicals.

Can your products be used on any age customer?

Absolutely! I offer a Baby Bottom Balm which is mild and softer, perfect for babies and people with more sensitive skin and Original Organic Balm and Lavender & Chamomile Organic Balm are rich without being heavy or greasy and have excellent moisturising effects. I am currently developing a Warming Balm, which should help improve circulation for people with cold hands and feet.

For more information contact Niki here

Get Beach Body Ready With a Little Help from Debenhams Beauty Hall

With Summertime only around the corner and the dreaded call to bare skin beckons, it essential to guarantee that our skin and body are prepped for maximum exposure. Tighten those wobbly bits and scrub away tired looking winter skin with these hot picks from Debenhams Beauty Hall.


Mama Mio Get Waisted 100ml ( £35)

The holy grail of slimming potions, Get Waisted works by increasing lipolysis, thebreakdown of stored fat, the fat cells within your skin. This proven tummy tightener isclinically proven to boost fat burning and inhibit future fat storage with the added bonus oftwo anti-ageing components for a Halle Berry-esque washboard tight stomach.

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt 100ml ( £29.70)

Dubbed a ‘holiday in a bottle , this exquisite treatment oil contains an exoticblend of coconut oil and frangipani flowers, offering long-lasting hydrationto troublesome dry areas such as elbows, knees & nails.

Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow ( £35.50)

Scrub away your winter blues with this invigoratingexfoliating treatment. Enhanced with detoxifyingsea salt, stimulating ginger and purifying lime peel forsumptuously smooth, glowing skin, great forprepping skin for that lusted ‘cared-for glow.

√Ø ª øClarins Extra Firming Body Care ( £39.32)

Easily absorbed, this luxurious, deeply comforting cream is a must fortightening, firming and defining tired, lacklustre skin. With nourishing SheaButter, detoxifying Agrimony, Pro-Vitamin A (to stimulate cell renewal) andpatented anti-ageing Bocoa, your skin will be left soft yet firm.

To purchase these products head to your nearest Debenhams Beauty Hall

Top Tips for Applying Fake Tan

There’s no need to sport the orange look when you have a fake tan these days! Here are some of my top tips to achieving a more natural look!

  1. Exfoliation is the most important part of the process. Give yourself a good all over body and facial scrub to remove any dead skin and leave you silky smooth. Puff balls won’t do the trick!!
  2. Use a body moisturiser on your under arms, knees, ankles, feet and hands. Let it soak in before you start the tan application.
  3. Have everything you need ready. Latex gloves, tanning lotion and a soft cloth to buff the skin. a flannel will work well for this.
  4. Put the gloves on then start with your legs and work your way up.
  5. Starting above the ankles smooth the lotion onto the skin in upward strokes to just below the knee. Use both hands one after the other. Use light feather strokes around the ankle and top of the foot and also on the knee cap.
  6. Add more lotion to the glove and work from above the knee up to the buttocks. Its your choice if you stop here or continue above the knicker line.
  7. Next do your stomach. You can blend the cream/lotion into the skin vertically or horizontally!
  8. Now do your arms. Work from the wrist bone up to the elbow. Bend the elbow and use feather strokes on that area to avoid product build up.
  9. Then work from elbow to shoulder and feather into the armpit. Blend across the shoulder onto the chest from either side of the body!
  10. Remove the gloves and wipe the back of your hands on your buttocks or backs of thighs to pick up a small amount of the colour. Leave the tan on for a minimum of 4 hours to develop and rinse off.

Now you’re ready to go out and glow!