Bridal Hair Article

An Article I wrote for Vitality Magazine published – February/March 2011 Issue

Gorgeous Bridal Hair

Helping a bride to choose a suitable hairstyle for her wedding day can be fun if you both have an open mind. Some brides will see a style and think Wow I love that hairstyle รน but in reality their hair length and texture isn’t right for the style they’ve seen! Hairdressers should have some images available for the brides to view to give them an idea of styles they may be able to achieve for brides. One of my favourite long hair industry celebrity stylists is Patrick Cameron and he has some of the best books on how to do fantastic styles too. Length and volume can be added with extensions and there are lots on the market.

Check the condition of the bride’s hair in the run up to the wedding day! A series of conditioning treatments will help to get her hair into tip top condition. For brides that are growing their hair, advise them to have a trim every six weeks to get rid of split ends.
Brides and the stylist should choose a style that will look good with the dress and hair accessories. It’s easier if the stylist can see the dress and accessories to give them an overall view of what type of hairstyle would look best with the dress so ask the bride to be to bring a picture with them.

Book the bride in for a trial run, before the wedding day. I would recommend a trial run 6 weeks before the actual wedding day. If the hairstyle that they dreamed of does not look as good on them as they had hoped, they’ll be glad they found that out before the big day! Bear in mind that hair thickness and length may not be suitable for the bride to be’s chosen style and advise accordingly. Ask the bride to bring her veil, tiara or any other accessories along to the appointment.

Throughout the trial check the brides comfort levels, if the pins or hair accessories are causing discomfort, ask her to let you know so they can be adjusted. The last thing a bride needs on her wedding day is painful pins!

At the trial appointment its always a good idea to take pictures. A stylist should take pictures from all angles so that you have a record for on the wedding day. Offer to take photos for the bride too! Bride to be’s love to show pictures of how they will look to their Mum’s and bridesmaids.

Hair colouring or any other chemical treatments for the big day should be done a few weeks before so that the colour has time to settle down. Highlights should be done a week or so before the wedding so that they look freshly done. Give the final trim or cut no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date. Just before the wedding is not the time to try out a drastic new look, such as cutting long hair into a short style or completely changing the colour.

Ask the bride if she is taller than the groom or are they both the same height. Hair up styles can add quite a lot of height to the bride. Also take into account the height of their shoes. A bride that is much shorter than the groom can use a hair up style to even out the height differences.

An elaborate a hairstyle may be in competition with the brides face and dress, but its what the bride is happy with that matters the most.

Written by

Joyce Connor