Be Drop Dead Gorgeous this Christmas

Christmas is nearly here so make sure you re ready to party by following a few simple tips. The basis of true glamour is a flawless skin so if you ve been working in a hot office all day it important to drink lots of water to re-hydrate your skin. Then, with the right foundation for your skin tone, you can achieve a soft, dewy complexion which can be contrasted with dramatic, vibrant eyes.
This season eye colours are gold, brown, plum, dark or vibrant blue and green. To simmer with a sexy, smoky eyed look, apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow on the brow bone, a mid colour shade over the rest of the eyelid and a darker shade to create depth in the socket line. Blend in and carry this under the lower lashes with a finer brush and apply eyeliner above and below the lashes.

To shimmer create some sparkle by adding a touch of glitter to your eyes, but if you re wearing a sparkly dress then you need to keep glittery make-up to a minimum. Experiment with glitter eyeliner over your usual eyeliner or try some glittery eye shadow, but if your eyes are too sensitive for this add some shimmer with a sparkly body cream.

False eyelashes give eyes a really striking party look and adding a few individual lashes to the outer corners of the eyes really open them up. Choose lashes that are slightly longer than your own lashes so that they look realistic. If you re going for the full effect then strip lashes can be found in different lengths, colours and designs.

Vampish red, dark burgundy or plum lipsticks are really in this festive season. Make sure they shine by applying a clear gloss over the top and use a matching lip liner to stop the lipstick bleeding. Put a little powder blusher on your cheekbones and some blotting sheets and concealer in your bag so, however much you partake of the Christmas spirit, you ll still look drop dead gorgeous and have a great night out.