Are you wearing the right colour foundation?

Are you gulity of the stripe of colour under the jawline? Does your make up look like a mask? Maybe you are wearing it to hide behind a mask!

Foundation is there to give you an even complexion. There are so many different types of foundation available that choosing one can be disheartening at times.

To choose the right colour foundation you need to test it on your face and not your hand.

In the picture above I have 4 stripes of colour. The 2nd one from the right you can’t see. This is my perfect match foundation. If you can’t see it then thats the one to choose. The other 3 colours are very obvious on my skin so they wouldn’t be the right for me.

Foundation can be mixed with moisturiser to give a sheerer coverage. A 50/50 mix of both products will blend well into the skin.

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