A Fifties Wedding

Today I’d like to share with you a post by the fabulous Charlie of Fifties Wedding. We both share a love of all things vintage!

A Fifties Wedding

I love a vintage bride, and for me there is no better decade than the fabulous fifties! The 1950s oozes glamour & sophistication, think Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Dee, Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn. If you re looking for some 50s inspiration on your wedding day these icons of the last century should be top of your list.

Generally weddings in the fifties were very traditional, and when brides today talk about having a fifties wedding what they generally mean is inspired by the decade, e.g. the fashion, the music, patterns (such as polka dots). Certainly this was the case for my own wedding.

For most real 1950s brides they still wore white, full-length gowns, though the shorter style dresses had become more popular towards the end of the decade. Today 50s inspired wedding dresses tend to reflect the fashion of the era. A classic 50s style dress on today modern bride is classy, stylish and flattering to any shape. Think high waists and petticoats, lace, modest necklines and shorter or tea-length gowns. These dresses from Dolly Couture and Joanne Fleming Design illustrate the look perfectly.

As for hair, 1950s hairstyles were generally shorter than the preceding decade, and fabulous curls and elegant buns were the order of the day to recreate that movie star look. For a bride I love Audrey updo and Grace Kelly curls.

The 50s wedding reception was much less lavish compared to today standards. It was very traditional. There were certainly no cupcakes, the wedding cake was the traditional fruitcake covered with marzipan & icing, with the top tier saved for a first christening. Since the war had not long ended, not all foods were widely available yet (particularly at the start of the decade). For my grandparents, they served cocktails for guests instead of champagne.

As far as makeup went, peaches, pink and creams were popular, and lips were either pink or bright red. Eyeliner was thick and mascara was important to accentuate the eyes. Blue & green eye shadow made an appearance, though generally eye shadow was quite muted.

For fifties inspired hair accessories, my favourite is the birdcage veil, which always looks so stylish. For bridal jewellery, long sparkly earrings really give that movie star glamour. Long white gloves can finish off the look.

© Elizabeth Lois Photography, birdcage veil from Flo & Percy

Above, Grace Kelly with her Oscar 1955

I think the reason why I love the 1950s so much is that the women (and men) seemed to look so alluring and fashionable without even trying! The hemlines and necklines were simple, and a pair of drop pearl earrings and a beautiful updo could transform a woman into the epitome of sophistication and glamour. I also love the music and the old movies. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade!

For more 50s inspiration visit the Fifties Wedding website for lots more ideas.

Charlie x